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Exclusive: Did Bachelor In Paradise’s Tara Just Reveal Who She Ends Up With?

"He’s smiling at me, winking at me. He’s so cute"

After being dumped last season of The Bachelor—and doing a cheeky McDonald’s run on the way home—Tara Pavlovic bounced back quickly. The hilarious and brutally honest 28-year-old tells marie claire that it didn’t take long at all to get over Matty J. “I was over that pretty much as soon as I didn’t get a rose, so like five seconds,” the Queenslander jokes.

With a frangipani tucked behind her ear, she’s now ready for another crack at love, joining other former contestants in Fiji for the Bachelor in Paradise. Ahead of the show’s premiere on Sunday, Tara talked hook-ups, that mysterious ‘love square’ and why she rates Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins.

How would you describe your perfect guy?

I struggle to describe my perfect guy because I’ve dated a lot of different types of people! The main thing that I’m attracted to is someone with charisma and someone who is the life of the party. I generally go for a rugged guy, but anything is possible.

Who were you excited to meet the most on Bachelor in Paradise?

I was really excited to meet Laurina, I think she’s hilarious. And Davey Lloyd – he’s funny. I’ve met a lot of them already. But there were no guys that I was keen for going in there, let’s just say that.

The promos are teasing footage of Jake and someone that people think looks a lot like you kissing near a waterfall.

Oh, Jake and I near the waterfall? Hmmmm. I’m getting a lot of little comments on Instagram about that kiss. That could be me. It possibly isn’t as well. You’ll have to wait and see…

What are people saying about it on Instagram?

They’re like, “Tara and Jake, so cute!” And I’m like, “Yeah it’s so cute!” [laughs]. He’s here now. We’re doing publicity together. He’s smiling at me, winking at me. He’s so cute. 

What qualities about Jake do you appreciate?

He’s a nice guy, he’s really friendly. Everyone loves Jake. 

What did you think of Jake when you first met him?

Jake and I had a rollercoaster ride in Fiji. Lots of ups and downs for us but we came out strong. 

So, does that mean you got together?

You’ll have to wait and see. I can’t confirm or deny.

Tara bachelor in paradise

When we spoke with Michael Turnbull this week, he said you were the contestant who stood out straight away. What did you think of him?

Oh yeah, Michael and I had some chats. He came up to me and asked me to talk… I don’t know to say this without sounding like an asshole! I wanted to get to know everyone, so that’s nice that Michael said that about me. But no one really stood out for me straight away.

A lot of people are hoping you and sweetheart Apollo get together. Thoughts?  

I think Apollo is lovely. He is such a beautiful person. He has got a very kind heart, he’s very innocent though. I’m not really innocent, so I don’t know if that is bad! I don’t know if I could do a totally innocent guy, but maybe I could.

The promos for the show are also teasing a mysterious ‘love square’. Were you a part of it?

I can’t tell you who was involved in the love square but I’m sure it happens pretty soon into the series.

Last week the exciting news broke that Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins will be the next Bachelor.

I know! He would’ve been way better than Matty!

Would you have applied if you knew it was him?

Yeah, fully! I’m glad that everything happens for a reason and that Matty and I didn’t work out and that I got to do Bachelor in Paradise, which I wouldn’t change for the world. I had such a good time on it. But I was definitely on the wrong season of The Bachelor [laughs].

Do you have a celebrity crush? 

I discovered him the other day! He was doing an interview on the TV, I don’t know his name but he plays Superman.

Henry Cavil…

Yes, holy crap! I didn’t even know who this was until a week ago and I was just like watching the TV and was like who the heck is this lord on my screen. Oh my God, wow.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly: Were you able to get McDonald’s while you were on Bachelor in Paradise?

No, we didn’t. I really missed it. I didn’t even know if they had McDonald’s in Fiji, but on the way to the airport, I saw that they did and the driver wouldn’t pull over for me so I had to wait. When I got to the airport I had a Hungry Jacks cheeseburger.

How soon after the show did you hit up Maccas?

I was living across the road from Maccas at this point, so I reckon it would’ve been the next day.

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