EXCLUSIVE: Keira Maguire Reveals The Secret Bachelor In Paradise Contestant Nobody Knows Of Yet


After she was papped at a northern NSW beach with Jarrod Woodgate, who is believed to propose to her in the show’s final episode, Keira was playing coy when she spoke to marie claire about the Bachelor In Paradise. “It’s not the Keira and Jarrod show,” she insists, deflecting questions about her newfound love. Note to Channel 10: The Keira and Jarrod Show is something we’d definitely pay to see.

But that’s not to say Keira didn’t deliver the goods when it comes to Bachelor In Paradise gossip. Below, she dishes on the guys she was most attracted to, the most popular girl in Paradise and why Jarrod isn’t who you think he is.

You’ve been photographed with Jarrod Woodgate since filming wrapped [see the photos here] – are you still together?
I don’t like spoiling the show for anyone – you’re just going to have to wait and see. But I really liked meeting him on the show, and I really liked him.

He copped a lot of flak on The Bachelorette – what was your first impression?

I watched him on The Bachelorette and I actually really liked him – and so did all my friends. In the media he came off in a certain way, but having gone on The Bachelor I know the way the show works so I could see what was being twisted. I could see he had a lot of good qualities.


There are so many guys to choose from on Bachelor In Paradise – who were you most attracted to?
Luke, Sam Cochrane and Michael Turnbull but more on a friendship level. Someone else who comes in but hasn’t been announced, he was a strong connection, and Jarrod. But I was always like, I don’t know who’s going to come tomorrow, I don’t want to commit to anyone in case Prince Charming comes tomorrow!

Who was the most popular with everyone?

I think there were a few, from the looks perspective Ally got a lot of attention, of course I got so much attention – joking! It was quite even, but a lot of relationships formed straight from the get go, but then a lot didn’t last. You could really see which ones were organic and which were forced.

The trailer makes it look like you cause a lot of drama – what happened?

They’re the two things that happened – the crying and the storming off. I said to the producers they were two things I didn’t want on the trailer – I don’t want people to see me cry – and of course they’re both on there. You’ll see a lot more vulnerability from me in Paradise and see a softer side to me, which I hope they show.

Did you make any enemies on the show?

It takes a lot for me to be vulnerable, so obviously it wasn’t easy for me with some people. There were only a few people I clashed with, it was a really good group of people. You see different sides of people’s personalities because it’s not as restrictive as The Bachelor.

What do you mean?

People are a lot more relaxed in Paradise so they show a lot more of themselves. I was really shocked by a lot of the people because I had this preconceived idea of who they were. Like Michael Turnbull – I thought he was a douchebag but when I met him I actually really liked him and I felt so guilty. I realised I shouldn’t be so quick to judge. 

Who did you bond with the most?

Laurina. She’s my soul mate.


What’s next for you?

I don’t know yet. I won’t be doing any more dating shows, I’ve outdated myself, I need to mix it up a bit. I’ve never really planned anything, where I’m at today is where I’m at because of opportunities that came my way.

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