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The Crown Season Two Release Date

Mark your calendars!

If you haven’t yet jumped on The Crown bandwagon, then now is the time to get jumping because we *finally* know when season two will be back on our screens. 

The hit series be be hitting Netflix this November.

While details surrounding season 2 of the show have been kept under lock and key, creator Peter Morgan has revealed which character the story will centre around – and it’s not Queen Elizabeth.

So who will it be you ask?

Well none other than the Queen’s husband, Prince Phillip.

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“He’s [Prince Philip] a strong flavor,” said Morgan of Prince’s character portrayed by Matt Smith at the Royal Television Society’s The CrownDeconstructing the Coronation in London.

“I find him extraordinarily interesting—his childhood, again, you couldn’t make it up. The soul of season two is about his complexity.”

Unfortunately Morgan remained tight-lipped on what areas of the Prince’s colourful personal life the show will cover, including his infamous (and rumoured) extramarital dalliances.

“This is a spoiler-free chat! We’re still in the cutting room and making all sorts of changes…” 

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What we do know is that the new season will pick up exactly where it left off, covering 1956 through 1964.

“It takes Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth) and Matt Smith to the outer edge of where we can take them, with their ages, if we took it any further we would have to think about recasting,” he continued. “There is no commitment of it going further at the moment, we’re just focusing on this season up until 1964.”

As for a third season, we already know Foy says she wont be back after season 2, but Morgan says they’re waiting to see how the new season goes.

“We’re pretty swamped at the moment. I’ve started thinking about a third season – you have to be responsible, you can’t say you’ll do it and then suddenly go, ‘actually I found out it’s really dull’.

“I have done some preparatory work, I’d be happy to do it, but at the moment I’m swamped.”

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