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The Twin Brother Of Stephanie Scott’s Murderer Apologises In Interview

"I did a really stupid thing."

The twin brother of Stephanie Scott’s murderer has apologised for his crime in an on-air interview with Channel 9.

Marcus Stanford was interviewed outside his home on the Yorke Peninsula, and apologised for selling Stephanie Scott’s engagement ring and graduation ring, and for getting rid of her driver’s licence after his brother Vincent insisted he do so.

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“I would like to say sorry for what I’ve done, and for the hurt I’ve caused the family,” Stanford said.

“It’s over now and I hope I won’t cause anymore trouble.

“I’m incredibly sorry, I did a really stupid thing and unfortunately I can’t take it back.”

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Vincent Stanford had been waiting for a 12-year-old child at the school where Stephanie Scott taught, but he came across Stephanie Scott instead. When he discovered her, he went home, got his rape kit, and came back. After raping and murdering her, he dumped her body in Cocoparra National Park, and mailed her engagement ring, graduation ring and driver’s licence to Marcus and asked him to get rid of them.

The two pieces of jewellery sold for $705, and Marcus Stanford was charged with accessory to murder after the fact last year. He was sentenced to a year and three months in prison for his crime, and was recently released on September 9.

Vincent and Marcus Stanford’s father Steve Stanford also admits he ‘doesn’t understand why’ Vincent raped and murdered Stephanie Scott.

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