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This Woman’s Crazy (But Hilarious) Pregnancy Story Has The Internet In Shock

"So in true millennial form I decided to YouTube it"

While most of the world has been busy trying to guess the name of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s new royal baby, Twitter users have been distracted by the birth of another little boy, or, more specifically, the story of his birth. 

New mum Tia Freemans took to the social media platform to announce that she still doesn’t “understand what’s so shocking about my delivery story.”

After being questioned by followers, Tia decided to tell all warning people to, “Give me a little time though because it’s sort of a long story.”

Firstly, Tia revealed that she didn’t know she was pregnant until she was in her third trimester: 

But she had flights to Germany and didn’t want to waste them…

While on the 14 hour flight, Tia started getting cramps 

And finally realised it was probably because she was in labour 

She makes it to her hotel in Istanbul, Turkey but is alone and has no idea what to do

So she jumps on YouTube 

And works out how to have a water birth 

It’s a boy! And he’s a Pisces 

But the story’s not over yet 

Tia goes on to say that she went to the airport to ask what to do about flying with a newborn. They immediately called customs, the police and a doctor, before buying Tia’s son, Xavier, his first outfit. 

Perhaps the internet’s shock, praise and total amazement will make Tia realise that her birthing story is pretty darn incredible.

Congrats to the new mum! 

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