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Royal Watchers Point Out Princess Charlotte’s Resemblance To Another Prominent Royal

It's impossible not to notice after seeing her at the funeral.
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Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was attended by many members of the royal family, but none have captured the world’s attention more than seven-year-old Princess Charlotte. 

The daughter of Prince William and Princess Kate attended the funeral alongside her nine-year-old older brother Prince George (their four-year-old, Prince Louis, was absent due to his young age). And while Prince George is the heir apparent, subsequently receiving private lessons on royal protocol and history from a young age, it seems Charlotte is quickly absorbing that knowledge as well—perhaps even faster than George.

The young royal was seen giving her brother a small nudge during the outgoing procession before instructing him to bow as the Queen’s coffin made its way past her. 

Charlotte’s carefully curated outfit also proved how quickly she has absorbed royal tradition. Along with her black coat dress and wide-brimmed hat, she wore a small silver brooch shaped in a horse shoe. Much like her mother Kate’s frequent style tributes, the brooch was a gesture for the Queen who loved horses—and the pin was gifted to Charlotte by the late monarch herself. 

The events of the funeral have sparked commentary about one prominent royal who Princess Charlotte is quickly resembling (in both looks and nature)—and you don’t have to look far to guess who it is. 

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Who does Princess Charlotte resemble most? 

Over the years, royal watchers have pointed out Charlotte’s stark resemblance to her history-making great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

Of course, there’s no denying the pair resemble each other in looks. Charlotte’s doe eyes and cheeks are reminiscent to the Queen’s when she was Charlotte’s age. 

Charlotte and the Queen pictured around the same age. (Credit: Getty)

They also share similarities in their personal nature. 

Even from a young age, the Queen was said to have a sense of orderliness and responsibility—bearing in mind this was before she knew she would even become Queen (when her uncle abdicated, Elizabeth’s father became King thereby making her heir apparent at age 10). 

And it’s clear that Charlotte, who has yet to reach double digits, also takes her role as a royal very seriously. 

When she was just two years old, Charlotte was pictured hand in hand with her father, Prince William, entering London’s Lindo Wing where her newborn baby bother, Prince Louis awaited. As she walked in, Charlotte turned to the awaiting cameras and gave a polite, steady wave. Yes, that regal wave which has long been synonymous with the Queen. 

Princess Charlotte waves as she goes to meet her newborn brother Prince Louis. (Credit: Getty)

In the years since that iconic moment, Charlotte has proved she’s growing up to be just like her great-grandmother. At the 2022 Platinum Jubilee Trooping The Colour celebration, Charlotte arrived by carriage between her two brothers George and Louis. 

While she and George once again showed off that perfectly royal wave, Louis own wave became a little manic, which was quickly picked up by Charlotte who placed a steady hand on her younger brother’s to stop the display. 

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Of course, it’s not just the Queen that fans have noticed Charlotte’s resemblance to. There’s no denying she has inherited some of her grandmother Princess Diana’s looks. The hair and eyes are a dead ringer. 

Princess Charlotte and Princess Diana. (Credit: Getty)

Meanwhile, some royal watchers have also pointed out an almost eerily resemblance to another royal who isn’t as closely related to the Wales family. 

Charlotte and her great auntie, Lady Sarah Chatto, who is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s late sister Princess Margaret, bear strikingly similar looks (comparing them at the same age, at least). 

Princess Charlotte side by side with Lady Sarah Chatto. (Credit: Getty)

And last but not least, we can’t forget our personal favourite comparison between Princess Charlotte and her dad Prince William. Their resemblance was actually discovered and pointed out by none other that William himself, who mistook a baby photo of himself for Charlotte during a public engagement in 2020. 

As he viewed an elaborate cupcake display featuring photos of the royals, William looked taken aback as he pointed to one particular baby photo: “Is that me? Doesn’t it look like Charlotte?”

When no one replied, William asked again: “Is that me? Oh my goodness that looks just like Charlotte. It’s incredible, I haven’t seen that before. Very alike in similarity.” See the moment in the video below. 

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