Every Star Taking On The ‘Amazing Race Australia’ Celebrity Edition 2023

Meet the star-studded cast of WAGS, comedians and beloved Australian TV personalities joining the celebrity edition of the series.

The Amazing Race is back for another year and this time, a cast of Australian celebrities are looking to take on the challenge.

That’s right, Channel 10 have shaken up the show’s usual format to feature 11 teams of celebrity duos. 

The celebs will compete for a grand prize of $100,000 which, if successful, will be awarded to their charity of choice. 

So without further ado, meet the famous faces taking on the reality TV challenge.

Peter & Frankie Rowsthorn

Peter and Frankie Rowsthorn. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Peter Rowsthorn, aka the beloved actor behind Kath and Kim’s Brett will be joined by his daughter, Frankie.

The pair will compete for All Stars For Autism, with Peter telling Channel 10, “My grandson has autism, so we’re doing it for him.”

“It’s a beautiful organisation,” Frankie added, “it gives people with autism the space to be themselves and feel supported.”

Bec Judd & Kate Twigley

Bec Judd and Kate Twigley. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Social media star Bec Judd will take on the challenge with her sister, Kate Twigley. 

They’ll be competing on behalf of Impatient Advocacy – A Nicole Cooper Foundation. 

“We are racing in memory of our dear friend Nicole Cooper who lost her battle with bowel cancer in January this year,” Kate told Channel 10.

As for what Bec had to say about the task at hand, she said she is most looking forward to “the excitement of the challenge and doing it together as sisters.”

Ben & Jackie Gillies

Ben and Jackie Gillies. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Ben and Jackie are no strangers to reality TV, having starred on The Real Housewives of Melbourne

This season, they’ll be trading their luxurious  Melbourne lives for the hustle and bustle of the Amazing Race, and doing it all for the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation, a charity that helps displaced women and children.

Darren McMullen & Tristan Dougan 

Darren McMullen and Tristan Dougan. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Darren McMullen, who you might recognise from The Masked Singer and Celebrity Apprentice (alongside a host of other TV hits), is teaming up with his nephew, Tristan Dougan.

And according to Darren, the pair have an iron-tight plan of attack for the series.

“If there’s any kind of, eating weird foods, he’s going to be doing that. If there’s anything that requires a lot of fitness and exertion, he’s going to be doing that. I’ll just be here for the brains.” Same, Darren.

Their charity of choice is Feel The Magic, which supports grieving children and families.

Dane & Bow Simpson

Dane and Bow Simpson. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Comedian Dane Simpson has enlisted his dad, Bow, as his teammate for the Amazing Race.

They’ll be working towards bringing home the prize money for the Dharriwaa Elders Group Incorporated.

It’s a cause they’re both passionate about, with Dane saying, “Dad spends a lot of time in Walgett, has a house there. He lives there half the time, and he lives in Wagga Wagga. To think that people buy bottled water every week is just crazy. We think everyone in Australia should have access to clean water to drink. “

Alli & Angie Simpson

Alli and Angie Simpson. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Cody Simpson’s younger sister and mum, aka Alli and Angie Simpson, are the next duo taking on the challenger.

The pair have selected a cause close to their heart to compete on behalf of: Dementia Australia.

“My grandma, my dad’s mum Chrissie, has gone down really fast with dementia in the last few years,” Alli said.

“It’s been really difficult for us to watch. We just want to do as much as we can to prevent other families [from] feeling the pain that we do.”

George & Pamela Mladenov

George and Pamela Mladenov. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Australian Survivor alum George Mladenov will compete alongside his sister, Pamela.

They’ll be trying their luck on behalf of Bankstown Women’s Health Care.

“They help vulnerable women in the community with preventative work in domestic violence, they help build capacity in women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and, when times got tough during COVID, it was organisations like this that were the backbone of the community,” George said.

Grant & Chezzi Denyer

Grant and Chezzi Denyer. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Beloved television host Grant Denye has enlisted his wife Chezzi to take on the challenge. 

And while they know the race will be tough, Grant said the couple said they are actually treating it like a holiday, saying “We won’t have the kids vomiting or pooing on us… When you are parents of three young children it sounds like a dream come true.”

The couple will be raising money for Lifeline Central West, a charity that supports communities in rural areas.

Harry Jowsey & Teddy Briggs

Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Reality TV veteran Harry Jowsey is taking on a new franchise, and he’s doing it with fellow reality star Teddy Briggs by his side.

The duo might not be overly confident about their capabilities, but they do think it will make for good TV.

“I can’t guarantee that we are going to be the best at this, but I can guarantee that it will be fun to watch,” Teddy said. 

They’ll be competing on behalf of Beyond Blue.

“It helps so many people and it stands for great things,” Harry said.

Emma & Hayley Watkins

Emma and Hayley Watkins. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Emma Watkins (aka the former Yellow Wiggle) is trading her usual demographic for the Amazing Race, and bringing her sister along for the ride.

The sisters will be competing for Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund which, Hayley explained, “is a spinoff from Deaf Connect, and it really is about supporting and accessing information for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. It provides services and education systems for bilingual education.”

Jana Pittman & Cornelis Rawlinson

Jana Pittman and Cornelis Rawlinson. (Credit: Image: Channel 10)

Australian Commonwealth Gold Medallist and former Olympic athlete Jana Pittman is looking forward to spending some quality time with her teammate and son, Cornelis.

“I have six children and he’s the eldest, so he’s definitely not had a lot of mummy time over the last 15/16 years,” she told Channel 10.

They’ll be competing on behalf of the Royal Hospital for Women  which also happens to be where Jana works.

“Even though it’s one of the most prestigious hospitals, it’s greatly underfunded, and we really rely heavily on donations to upgrade and to ensure we’re at the frontline of medical services,” she explained.

When Will The Amazing Race Australia Air?

The Amazing Race Australia Celebrity Edition 2023 will air tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play. 

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