The Best (And Most Heartbreaking) Memes About Sweet Steve Brady In ‘And Just Like That’

Justice for Steve.

Warning: The following article contains potential spoilers for And Just Like That season one.

As we inch closer to the season finale of And Just Like That…, there’s one thing that just about every Sex And The City fan knows for sure.

Is it that Samantha Jones’ absence is still felt? Yes. Is it that we want to learn more about Lisa Todd Wexley? Also yes. But mainly, it’s that Steve Brady deserves the happy, couch-enjoying life that has been ripped away from him.

After a whirlwind romance of only three weeks, Che Diaz refuses to date Miranda until she’s out of her sexless marriage. She seems thrown off, not about divorcing her partner of 20 years, but because she can’t have her cake and eat it too. No mention of heartbreak over her decades-long relationship coming to an end, no tears shed about telling their son, Brady—just annoyance at the inconvenience.

In the show’s eighth episode, Miranda asks Steve for a divorce and understandably leaves the bar owner blindsided. Come episode nine, and she is clearly unfazed about the impact leaving her loved ones out of nowhere has had, and has become more concerned that she might pushing her new love interest away.

As for Steve, he has a heart-to-heart with Carrie about their lost marriages. As expected, he breaks hearts worldwide when confessing, with his New York accent cracking, that he never plans to take off his wedding ring because of what his and Miranda’s relationship meant to him. Excuse us, while we sob endless tears.

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Steve Brady Miranda Hobbs
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Since episode one, fans have noticed that Steve’s revival has been somewhat odd. He’s either missing completely, or when he is on-screen, he’s talking nonsense, screaming from his impaired hearing or being kicked to the kerb, heartbroken.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, two of the show’s writers Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky (who also wrote the original SATC), defended Steve’s storyline in the reboot. 

“Everyone on the show, every single person, loves David Eigenberg as a human being.. We love him as an actor. We love Steve. We are really invested in the Steve-ness of him. He’s so full of life, and the Steves out there are good guys,” Zuritsky responded.

Of course, the internet’s reaction wasn’t in disapproval of Miranda exploring her sexuality. But rather, how she disregarded the meaning of her marriage to Steve—basically saying that he never once made her happy—and how she hypocritically refused to hear criticism over her infidelity despite her reaction to Steve’s cheating scandal in the Sex And The City movie.

Now, the internet is now standing up for Steve, since no other character seems willing, calling out Miranda’s mistreatment of him and manifesting a happier future for the Scout owner.

Interested in commiserating with the equally traumatised? Below, the best memes and Twitter reactions about Steve Brady from And Just Like That.

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