The 6 Best Finance Podcasts For Women

Put your money where your mouth is.

As we head towards another new year many of us may be feeling slightly anxious about money. 

And let’s be frank, who wouldn’t be? With words like inflation, recession and “the cost of living crisis” floating around there seems to be a definite sense of uncertainty when it comes to the future of our finances. For many people, this is driving a deep desire to be more in control of their spending and work on their financial prowess. 

However, even if you are motivated to become more financially literate, the world of money can be intimidating. It’s not taught in schools and often due to patriarchal structures, women are excluded from conversations about managing their money. 

Thankfully, there are a whole host of finance podcasts that can help with this. Ranging from fresh (and funny) analyses of our spending habits to podcasts that cut through the jargon and provide practical advice about budgeting and investing, there is no better time to plug in, tune out the negativity and get yourself a little more informed. 

We can’t promise they’ll make you rich overnight (if only), but we can promise they will arm you with the tools and guidance to feel a little more financially confident

She Makes Money Moves 

This podcast is based on the premise that there’s power, especially for young women, in talking about money: how much we make, how much we spend and how money impacts our identities and our relationships. Each week journalist Samantha Barry tells the true story of a different woman’s financial woes and gets advice from financial experts to help her—and others—take control of their finances.

Listen here.

she makes money moves

My Millennial Money

“If broke people are making fun of your spending plan, you’re on the right track” advises Glen James, a financial adviser and host of the surprisingly laidback and immensely popular personal finance podcast My Millennial Money. The Australian podcast has earned legions of fans all over the world for the way it demystifies the world of finance and offers practical advice while still being informative and entertaining. Great if you are looking for a non-judgemental, non-intimidating recourse to learn more about making the most of your money. 

Listen here.

my millennial money podcast

You’re in Good Company

Do conversations about money make you nervous? Then listening to best friends Maddy Guest and Sophie Dicker might be the balm that you need. Each week the girls open up the conversation around money by sharing their own investing journeys  and removing taboos that we associate with conversations about financial matters. Their aim? Removing the shame and fear and making it another topic that we can discuss openly with our girlfriends.

Listen here.

you're in good company podcast

She’s on the Money 

Billed as “the one-stop destination for millennial women who want financial freedom (without skimping on brunch),” She’s on the Money explores and provides tools on subjects including debt, investing, saving for a home or buying a third investment property. Host Victoria Devine knows that for many women money can be a highly emotive subject, and delves into the psychology of our relationship with money with warmth and sensitivity.

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she's on the money podcast

Benevolent Forces 

Hosts Lucy White, Gigi Perry and Ben Ilobuchi sit down every week to discuss what they have spent, scrimped and splashed out on during the previous seven days. A sarcastic yet very funny finance-ish podcast (with an emphasis on the ish), it feels more like a conversation with friends about the impossibility of saving money while living in Sydney, the consequences of living beyond your means, and why we still all do it anyway.

Listen here.

Benevolent Forces podcast

Money For the Rest of Us

David Stein is a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager, but despite spending his career thinking about money every second of every day he wants to help his listeners “live without worrying about it”. Each week David answers questions from listeners on a variety of investing and finance-related topics including everything from “Is Crypto dead?” to “Why does diversifying your portfolio feel so awful?”.

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money for the rest of us

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