Marie Claire’s Guide To The Best Movies Of 2022

We rank our favourite watches of the year.

Somehow, 2022 has come to a rapid end. 

And as we look back on some of our favourite moments of the year, from red carpet looks and celebrity scandals to viral fashion that had us hooked, it’s hard to ignore the plethora of incredible films we’ve been blessed with in 2022.

From the highly anticipated blockbusters like Avatar‘s second instalment to the universally-obsessed over Everything Everywhere All At Onceand the controversial Don’t Worry Darling, Hollywood promised a great deal of entertainment this year. 

And with all the year’s major releases finally out, it’s time to reflect on the ones that stood out. 

Ahead, marie claire editors share their picks for best movie of the year. 

Bones and All

best movies of 2022
‘Bones and All’ (Credit: Prime Video)

“This sordid love story set against the backdrop of ’80s Americana isn’t one that will suit all appetites (especially if you have a queasy stomach) but for me, Luca Guadagnino’s timeless tale of young romance well deserved the hype and made it to the top of my ‘best films of 2022’ list. Strangely poetic yet incredibly aesthetic, the film perfectly intertwined romance and horror in this nuanced coming of age story about the most unlikely protagonist: a cannibal. With nuanced performances from the inimitable Timothée Chalamet and rising star Taylor Russell, this film explores the all encompassing feelings of first love, bones and all.”

Ava Gilchrist, Digital Writer

The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

best movies of 2022
‘The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Myster’ (Credit: Netflix)

“Even though The Glass Onion has barely been out, I already know this is my favourite movie night choice for the next few months. A follow-up to the Knives Out film, The Glass Onion is one of the most anticipated films of the year. A mystery mixed with various twists and turn, accompanied by a hunky Daniel Craig with a husky southern accent – sign me up for an all night binge session…”

— Rachel

Don’t Worry Darling

best movies of 2022
‘Don’t Worry Darling’ (Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

“For a film with this much on-set politics and hype I was expecting to be disappointed. I was not. As Harry Styles said, ‘this is a movie that feels like a movie.’ The man did not lie. A film that truly needs to be appreciated in a cinema setting. I loved the aesthetic, the soundtrack and of course the leading ladies (ok, and men… well, one man in particular).”

Harriet Sim, Feature Writer

Top Gun: Maverick

best movies of 2022
‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

“I never expected a Tom Cruise action revival to be my top film of 2022. In fact, I never planned on seeing it. But inspired by the Jennifer Connelly coverstory in our July issue, I went along to see what all the fuss was about. And wow was I blown away. Within a fortnight, I’d been back to see it another two times.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Cruise is magic on screen but it was Rooster who won my heart. I’m just grateful YouTube don’t do their own version of Spotify wraps, because the number of times I’ve rewatched that beach scene would have Miles Teller filing a restraining order.”

— Bree Player, Features Editor


best movies of 2022
‘Fresh’ (Credit: Disney+)

“When I heard that two of my faves, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan, were playing love interests in a movie that was marketed as a romance (it came out on Valentine’s day!!) I was thanking my lucky stars… until about 30 minutes in when the film knocks you out cold with a plot twist that will have you screaming, shouting and throwing things at the television.

Mimi Cave’s directorial is a perfect commentary on the horrors of navigating the dating world—with a few chaotic additions thrown in. It’s an exceptional rom-com-thriller-horror that is simply chef’s kiss (pun intended).”

Samantha Stewart, Lifestyle Editor

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

best movies of 2022
‘Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris’ (Credit: Universal Pictures)

“Couture Dior dresses, Paris in the 1950s and the endearing London-based cleaning lady Mrs Harris, played by Lesley Manville—what is not to love about Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris? Based on the book by Paul Gallico, which I read (and loved) when I was a teenager, this is a feel good movie about the love of fashion, the incredibly talented people who live and work in the world of couture fashion, the determination of a regular woman dreaming of something bigger, and the generosity of the human sprit. But then perhaps it is also a reminder that the people we love in our lives are far more important than the material possessions we covet. A nice little reminder for the holiday season.”

Sally Hunwick, Beauty Director

The Worst Person in the World

best movies of 2022
‘The Worst Person in the World’ (Credit: Oslo Pictures)

“If you’ve ever experienced the pang of listlessness in your life, please watch this! This somewhat plotless film about a twenty-something trying to navigate love, life, work and a dwindling sense of self over seven years in Oslo, Norway, is a vivid depiction of young adulthood in all its messiness and confusion. Actress Renate Reinsve gives an utterly incredible performance along with the whole cast, really.”

— Pema Bakshi, Contributor 

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