Everything We Know About ‘Bling Empire’ Season Two (So Far)

The soapy series is officially coming back for season two!

Unless you’ve been hiding in a receptionless cave for the last few months, it seems highly probable that you’ve come across Netflix’s latest smash hit reality show: Bling Empire

And if you’re anything like us, you drank down all eight episodes in a frenzied thirst left caused by Selling Sunset withdrawals, and are probably desperate to know: Will there be a season two of Bling Empire?

So, we’re here to be of service and answer that very question. Below, everything we know about season two of Bling Empire (so far).

Is Bling Empire returning for season 2?

Per an official announcement from Brandon Riegg, the Netflix VP of Unscripted and Documentary Series, your prayers have been answered: Bling Empire has been renewed for season 2.

“The cast is hilarious, sexy, funny, dramatic, and conniving. All of us would love to continue on this journey with them for as many years as viewers are interested,” Jeff Jenkins told

In conversation with Town & Country, Jenkins also said he envisions the show going for many years, if the audience wants to see it.

“We just celebrated 14 years of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I would love to take this cast even further,” he said.

“There’s so much that has happened in their lives since season one was shot. There’s just so much going on. God willing, viewers enjoy it and respond.”

Bling Empire's Christine Chiu shares thoughts on season 2.

What is going to happen in Bling Empire season 2?

Now that we have solid confirmations about Bling Empire’s return, there are already some clues as to what we might see transpire on the show in season two.

With the way things wrapped up in the finale, one of the biggest questions is around whether Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray are still together, with their relationship appearing particularly ambiguous towards the end. Here, everything we can expect to see happen with the cast in season two.

Kelly and Andrew

As it turns out, the pair are still together! In an interview with ETKane revealed that the couple seemed “pretty stable” at the moment.

“Right now, they seem pretty stable,” Kane said of Kelly and Andrew.

“I don’t know whether it’s because of COVID, if that’s keeping them together. Maybe season two, we’ll see another breakup.”

In the same interview, Kelly also revealed how she will likely conduct herself in season two.

“I think for season 2, I’m gonna be a little more outspoken,” she said.

“Everybody was in my business, all the time, with me and Andrew. Sometimes I have to draw the line: This is my personal relationship, let me work it out and, I know you guys love me, I know you guys care for me, but let me take my space and my time to work it out.”

Andrew also weighed in, saying that they have both been in therapy—separately—to work on themselves and improve their relationship.

“She’s bettered me every day of my life,” he told ET.

“She makes me want to be a better man. That’s pretty cliché, but it’s true. And I always admit to my faults, where I fall short and do the work. And I can’t wait for people to see that, if we get a season 2, I recommend it to every human being—not just a man—to seek help.”

What will happen with Kelly and Andrew on Bling Empire season 2?

Kevin and Kim

Season one finished with Kim Lee’s search for her biological father ending with a heartbreaking conclusion. That said, it also saw what appeared to be some sparks flying between her and Kevin—a potential relationship fans are on board with.

In a recent joint interview with E!, the pair touched on their flirtatious friendship when asked if they’ve kissed since the cameras stopped rolling.

“Have we, Kim?” Kevin coyly remarked.

“We haven’t kissed yet,” Kim Lee responded (yet!). “There’s definitely a lot of flirting going on. Kevin’s been calling me every single day.”

And it seems the feeling is mutual, with Kevin pointing out that Kim’s been doing the same: “No! You’ve been calling me every day. She gets so upset if I don’t call or text her back right away.”

Kevin has also expressed an interest in going further into his journey to connect with his roots, following his bid to find his birth parents in season one, as well as view it as a chance to travel with the whole cast.

“I’d like to go to South Korea!” he told ET“I’d love to go to South Korea with everybody. Not just to be like, ‘Oh, where are my parents at?'”

He joked: “I think it could be a good cultural experience, because I think Kane always pushes me to be more Korean: ‘You’re too white, you’re a white!'”  

Will Kevin and Kim get together in Bling Empire season 2?

Cherie and Jessey

The first season of Bling Empire saw Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee go through a lot, from Cherie’s grief over her mother’s passing, her proposal to Jessey and the birth of their son. Sadly, it seems as though they might not be up for a second season should the show continue.

“Jessey and I talked about potentially not coming back for Season 2. We don’t know. We might, we might not,” Cherie told Distractify.

“It depends, because Jessey’s so busy with all of his businesses. I’m starting to get really busy with the kids and my own business. We might, or we might not; we don’t know.” 

Will Cherie and Jessy return to Bling Empire for season 2?

Christine and Gabriel Chiu

As revealed to, Christine reportedly has a plan for the show’s second season. 

“If you thought I dropped a big bomb in season 1, then you have no idea,” she said, before adding that she had a confession that would be “timely in our climate” and “touch many people”.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, the couture collector and businesswoman also revealed she might launch a “beauty line” in season two.

“After two decades building Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery with Dr. Chiu, literally in hard hat and heels, I’m working on a beauty project—something highly curated that’s endorsed by my husband and a team of leading experts.”

While the line’s release date is unconfirmed, she did say: “Maybe the second season!”.

What will happen with Christe and Dr. Gabriel Chiu in season 2 of Bling Empire?

Anna Shay

Easily our favourite person on the show, Anna Shay had the most free-flowing storyline of all the cast members, acting as a sort of ‘fairy godmother’ for the likes of Kelly and Kevin. As for what’s in store for her for season two? Anna has said that if the show does go ahead, she would be interested in returning and would just continue to be herself.

“I had an amazing experience. I thank the crew and everybody for their patience, because I never thought I would ever be in front of a camera,” she told People

“If there is going to be a second season, I would still end up being me because I don’t know what else to do. Besides, it’s reality. You have to keep it real.”

Will Anna Shay return to Bling Empire for season 2?

Kane Lim

While Kane didn’t have much of an individual storyline on the first season, he has expressed that he would love to see the whole cast fly to Singapore in season two.

“Personally, I think travelling is going to be a huge thing,” Kane told ET.

“You know, we tried to travel for the first season, but obviously with time constraints and stuff like that, we couldn’t. I would actually like to fly the whole cast to Singapore to show them what Singapore truly is. I know you watch the movies, you’ve seen all the glamorous stuff, but there’s so much more to Singapore. Like the food, the culture, the people.”

Will Kane Lim return in Bling Empire season 2?

Jamie Xie

Perhaps the least shown of the main cast, 22-year-old fashionista and heiress Jamie Xie (who many will recall asked a shaman which Bottega Veneta pouch bag she should buy) became one of the show’s more quiet breakout stars, beloved by fans for her style and unique humour.

As for what she’s said about season two? Well, not much, other than she will try to plan her outfits better for season two “if there is a season two”.

Will Jamie Xie come back for Bling Empire season 2?

Which Bling Empire cast members are returning for season 2?

At this stage and based on the Bling Empire cast members‘ own comments, it seems likely that we can expect Kevin, Kim, Anna, Kane, Jaime, Christine, Dr. Gabriel, Kelly and Andrew to all come back, with only Cherie and Jessey’s potentially backing out for season two.

What is the release date for Bling Empire season 2?

Given Bling Empire only just announced it was returning for season 2, a potential release date is hard to pin down. That said, we will keep you updated on all things Bling Empire, so watch this space for details as they come!

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