Sorry Marie Kondo, ‘Cluttercore’ Is The Maximalism-Loving Aesthetic Taking Over Our Homes

And it's far from glamourised hoarding

If the mere thought of the word ‘clutter’ takes your anxiety levels from zero to one hundred, then the latest home decor trend is sure to spook you.

However, there’s plenty to embrace when it comes to this new at-home aesthetic and even the most devoted minimalists are sure to agree.

Enter: Cluttercore.

The latest trend taking over TikTok, Instagram and Twitter is the most recent one to explode in popularity—following the footsteps of cottagecore, of course. 

Picture this: a messy bed, a plethora of plant life and books stacked to the ceiling. While some may define such imagery as ‘messy’, cluttercore is breathing life back into the concept of lived-in space.

The complete opposite of minimalist living, some have deemed the concept of cluttercore as nothing more than stressful and given its stuff-centric aesthetic, and it’s easy to see why.

However, the ode to crowded living has little in common with careless hoarding. Cluttercore doesn’t promote an unhealthy obsession with material objects and garbage, but rather pays homage to items that identify us and that we call our own.

If one takes a simple scroll through the self-titled tag, you will notice an array of soothing images, from crystals and drooping plants to well-read books and records stacked precariously.

The idea of feeling cosy is key when it comes to cluttercore. Each of the objects have been chosen and displayed with love because their owner has kept them for reasons that may not make sense to many, but matter the most to them. The real difference, however, is that messiness shows a lack of care and a lack of attention, whereas this trend is on par with an organised (and well-loved) collection of miscellaneous items that hold deep and significant value.

With that in mind, if you’re ready to embrace the stuff-loving concept that the internet can’t get enough of, stock up on some leafy foliage and scroll on for cluttercore inspiration.

How To Nail The Cluttercore Aesthetic At Home

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