Meet Cosmo Jarvis, Actor, Musician & Dakota Johnson’s Love Interest In ‘Persuasion’

He's made for period dramas, apparently.
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If you’ve arrived at this article, we’re willing to bet you’ve recently watched PersuasionPeaky Blinders, Lady Macbeth, or frankly anything starring Cosmo Jarvis. 

While his star hasn’t been front and centre over the last decade, the British-Armenian actor is slowly but steadily building his profile—and after his latest role in the aforementioned film, Netflix’s Persuasion, we have a feeling we’re about to see a whole lot more of Jarvis. 

Of course, starring alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names (read: Florence Pugh and Dakota Johnson) is no small feat, so it’s only fitting that fans would want to know more about his background. Here, everything we know about Cosmo Jarvis, including his relationship status. 

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Who is Cosmo Jarvis?

Cosmo Jarvis is a 32-year-old actor, musician and filmmaker. 

Yep, he’s a very talented triple threat having started out in the entertainment industry as a singer songwriter. His 2011 single Gay Pirates was even voted in Triple J’s Hottest 100. 

In 2012, he extended his repertoire into film, starring as Todd Kennedy in The Naughty Room. In 2013, a song from his next album, Love This made Triple J’s Hottest 100 once again, cementing his place in the industry. From there, he scored several other major acting gigs including Lady MacbethPeaky Blinders and in 2022, he was thrust front and centre of the Hollywood spotlight in the role of Captain Frederick Wentworth in Netflix’s adaptation of Jane Austin’s final novel Persuasion. 

What is his heritage?

Jarvis is of Armenian descent on his mother’s side. He was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey, but he moved to England, his father’s birthplace, as a baby. He grew up in Totnes, Devon and has a younger brother. 

Does he have a partner?

Multiple online forums claim Jarvis does not have a partner, though the actor has never commented publicly on his relationship status. 

He also doesn’t have a public-facing social media presence, so even if he does have a partner, he isn’t sharing those details with the world.

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What has he starred in? 

Jarvis has an impressive portfolio despite having managed to keep such a low-key public presence over the years. Alongside 2016’s Lady Macbeth with Florence Pugh, 2022’s Persuasion with Dakota Johnson and Henry Golding and Peaky Blinders season five, Jarvis starred in science fiction drama series Raised By Wolves (2020)action thriller film Hunter Killer (2017), crime film The Marker (2017) and British film Farming (2020).

He has also been cast in an upcoming Irish movie It Is In Us All which is written and directed Antonia Campbell-Hughes.

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What has he said in previous interviews?

There’s no doubt Jarvis is a private person, but he has previously opened up about how he got into acting, telling The Guardian“I didn’t really know how one got into acting properly, because I was never connected, and I quit school really early. I thought, I might as well just start knocking.” 

“It was a slow burn from there. Years of nothing, and then eventually getting a few little jobs, TV jobs, and keep on chipping away.”

He also discussed how he approaches his roles. “With film, you come in, you blow everything you’ve got, and it’s a short amount of time. You’re getting a good wage to do a creative craft, so you might as well just go all the way out.”

In 2020, he spoke to i-D about being the film industry, revealing that he’s happy to continue taking what he can get in the current climate:”Right now, I’m just taking what I can get as it comes and being grateful for it. There’s been such an influx of cultural and technological happenings that if something comes along and it’s good, then I’ll do my best to do a good job. I know what that is when I see it.”

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