Science Discovers That Hogging The Covers Is The Key To A Longer Sleep

Time to put a stop to your selfish bedmate’s wily tactics.
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There is absolutely nothing worse than going to sleep in the warm snug of a blanket and waking up exposed to the elements (and the monsters, which are surely lurking).

Ok, maybe not ‘nothing’ worse, but cover hogs do deserve a very special place in the hell.

To add insult to injury, a new study has found that cover hogs are not the innocent, yet annoying perpetrators we thought they were. They’re actually benefiting from their nefarious practices.

The survey, released by sleep expert and Founder of The Sleep Doctor Dr Michael Breus, found that on average cover hogs sleep a total of six minutes more every night compared to their bedmates.

They’re not rare either, with over a third of respondents admitting they sleep with a doona thief.

However, the study also found that slowly having the covers pried from your (once) hot little hands is not the most disruptive sleep practice. Cover hogs are the preferred partner compared to those who snore or kick their legs during sleep.

What causes cover hogging?

It’s all down to temperature. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Temperature is a key element when it comes to sleep, and usually it is a disjoint in the temperature of the room that creates the monster.

“People will feel colder as the night goes on, and that is largely why they grab the covers to create more warmth,” says Dr Breus.

He says that temperature impacts our circadian rhythms, so “cover hogs are likely to strike between 10:30pm and 2:30am because of the regulation of body temperature.”

How can I stop my partner cover hogging?

There are things you can do to stop a cover hog. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Dr Breus says that it is important the cover hog is properly warmed up and tucked in before going to sleep.

He suggests that they try sleeping in thick warm socks and wear flannel pajamas to keep their temperature up.

If you have a partner who is a cover hog also consider your own sleeping preferences. Women, especially as they age, may find they reach for the fan or air conditioning more to cool down, which could be prompting the cover hogger to reach for extra warmth.

Another option is to try the ‘Scandinavian Sleep Method’, which is going viral on TikTok at the moment. It is inspired by the Nordic way of sleeping, where both partners sleep in the same bed but have their own doona.

According to Dr Breus, adults with separate blankets tend to sleep four minutes more each night than those who share, so the proof is indeed in the pudding. Anything to get us a few extra minutes of sleep is a big win.

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