Meet Domenica Calarco, The Makeup Artist Turned Beauty Influencer On This Year’s ‘MAFS’

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With every season of Married At First Sight Australia, there’s no lack of strong, bold personalities. And while some grow on viewers episode-after episode, others can become fan-favourites before they’ve even said “I Do”.

And now, it looks as if one of season nine’s contestants will earn her crown as one-to-watch during (and even after) the show wraps.

Meet Domenica Calarco.

Ready to wed a complete stranger in the hopes of successfully finding love through a social experiment, Domenica is just one of 15 others joining this year’s MAFS line-up.

But already, the Sydney-based makeup artist has been dubbed as the “loud, honest and bold” face to keep an eye on.

Below, everything you need to know about Domenica Calarco before she walks down the aisle on Married At First Sight 2022.

Domenica Calarco
(Credit: @domenica.calarco)

Domenica Is A Sydney-Based Makeup Artist

According to 9Now, the 28-year-old makeup artist is “outgoing, feisty and passionate”. Domenica (or ‘Dom’) is a self-proclaimed “lover of all things beauty and social media” and has a long list of other ventures and professions up her sleeve.

As per So Dramatic!, her resume includes previous work as a social media executive, influencer, model, YouTuber and TV presenter. And considering that her profession sees her in front of the lens and amongst the industry’s best as a makeup artist, it’s safe to say that her Instagram following is abundant. After all, have you seen her chic wardrobe? Because we’ll take one of everything, thanks.

Before her onscreen debut on Married At First Sight Australia 2022, Dom boasts a healthy following of 12,200 followers—leaving her as the second most followed person on this season of the reality show.

Domenica Calarco
(Credit: @domenica.calarco)

She Has Actually Already Been Married Once Before

While it may be her first time marrying a complete stranger, Married At First Sight isn’t the first time that Domenica has walked down the aisle.

According to a short bio by 9Now, they revealed that she was previously married to her former partner of four years, however, their marriage only lasted two months.

According to Channel Nine, she was the one who ended the marriage, explaining that her decision “left her devastated and feeling like a failure”.

In fact, since then, Dom apparently has her walls up with love as she’s afraid of the past repeating itself. However, the makeup artist isn’t afraid of confrontation, she’s from a big family and will make sure her voice is heard.

Domenica Calarco
(Credit: @domenica.calarco)

Domenica Comes From A Big, Italian Family

Speaking of her big family—and if you couldn’t already tell by her name—Domenica comes from Italian heritage.

According to 9Now, she is a “pocket rocket, an outgoing, feisty and passionate Italian” who stands up for what she believes in and protects those she loves, the network warns viewers not to “get on her wrong side”.

As for how she hopes her ‘husband’ will nurture her culture, she’s looking for someone who will “love her for all her quirks and will lead her in the direction of kids and her own big Italian family”.

Allora, here’s hoping that she finds la bella vita she’s looking for.

She Is A Dog Mother To An Adorable Puppy, Millie

While many may consider the ‘family’ of a significant other as those sharing a bloodline, it looks like Domenica’s sweet pup is an incredibly important facet of her life.

Making her Instagram debut in September 2019, Dom shared with the world that she added a furry friend to her life, an Australian shepherd puppy named Millie.

It’s clear that Dom and Millie are inseparable, with the pair making frequent appearances on her Instagram, doing everything from going on athleisure-adorned walks to taking afternoon naps together.

Domenica Calarco
(Credit: @domenica.calarco)

She Has Previously Been On TV (But Not How You’d Think)

For most reality TV stars, being in front of the camera isn’t a foreign feeling. In one way or another, they likely have found themselves onscreen but in Domenica’s case, viewers can put the “she’s an actress” rumours to rest.

The makeup artist and beauty content creator has such a passion for her job that she’s appeared on Network Ten’s Studio 10 multiple times as a beauty contributor across different segments, as per So Dramatic!.

One TV moment in particular, saw Dom feature alongside former Bachelorette Australia star Georgia Love back in 2017. Of course, when one works as a successful makeup artist in Sydney, they’re bound to cross paths with TV and film alums.

WATCH BELOW: Studio 10 with Georgia Love and Domenica Calarco

Either way, there’s no doubt that all eyes are going to be on Domenica Calarco on this season of Married At First Sight Australia, and all we can say is—bring it on.

You can watch the premiere of Married At First Sight Australia 2022 at 7:30pm on January 31 on Channel Nine.

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