Save The Date: Here’s When ‘Married At First Sight’ Will Premiere In 2022

Bouquets at the ready.

New Year, same detailed television schedule coming right up. First on the list? Married At First Sight Australia. 

For some, it’s a guilty pleasure. For others, it’s a chance to pull out the office sweepstake to hedge bets on which couples will last the distance, and who’ll cut and run. 

But whether you love the show or not, there’s no doubt you’ll soon be flooded with information about it as the ninth season begins. 

The show’s premise is a tried and tested formula—wannabe reality stars are paired with other wannabe reality stars (yes, really) by “relationship experts”. The catch? Their first meeting, which is filmed from every possible angle, is at their wedding—hence the name, Married At First Sight

From there, we watch as the newly introduced couples attempt to make their relationships work between honeymoons, dinner parties and commitment ceremonies. It’s a wild ride, and it’s not hard to see why many, many couples don’t last the distance

So when exactly can we expect our news feeds to be flooded with the latest dramas from the set of MAFS? Read on for the show’s premiere date and where you can watch the drama unfold. 

When does Married At First Sight Australia premiere in 2022? 

Expect the first episode of MAFS season nine to drop on Monday, January 31.

If past seasons are anything to go by, in the first episode we’ll watch two couples be matched by experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla as their nuptials play out. The next few episodes will introduce the rest of the couples in the same way before they head on their honeymoons.

Where can you watch Married At First Sight Australia?

You can watch Married At First Sight Australia on Channel Nine, or online at Nine Nowwhich is free to stream. Episodes usually begin at 7.30pm from Sunday through Wednesday—so mark your calendars! 

If you want a little taste at what’s to come this season, check out the all-new cast here and watch the trailer above for a sneak peek. 

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