One Third Of ‘The Bachelors’, Felix Von Hofe, Has Ended His Relationship With Jess Navin

"It inevitably did naturally fizzle out.”

There’s no greater guilty pleasure then binge watching reality television, especially when it involves strangers putting themselves in precarious positions all in the name of love.

There’s not better proof of that than The Bachelors Felix Von Hofe and Jess Navin, whose on-again-off-again relationship proved one of the most entertaining from the experimental season.

If we turn our memory back to the first few episodes of the season, we were unsure whether Jess and Felix would be in it for the long haul, especially considering how threatened Felix’s ego was when she found out she already had a boyfriend whom she was in an open relationship.

Indeed, Jess’ partner Damien proved to be the unlikely trois in The Bachelors’ already large ménage, however it seemed that all’s well that ends well considering Felix chose Jess as the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with—or at least the foreseeable future.

Now, three months on from when the season finale was tapped, Jess and Felix have given a much-needed status update about their relationship, proving that once again the Bachelor mansion may not be the best place to find your soulmate.

Below, everything we know about Felix and Jess’ relationship including whether or not they are still together.

Felix did not propose to Jess during the show’s season finale. (Credit: Source: Channel 10)

Did Felix Van Hofe And Jess Navin From The Bachelors Break Up?

In news that wouldn’t come as a surprise to any fans of The Bachelors, Felix and Jess are no longer together.

Of course, for a couple that didn’t even walk out of the mansion engaged at the end of the show, we weren’t really convinced the pair was ever ‘end game’.

Despite Jess ending things with her boyfriend Damien, it seems that her commitment to the monogamous relationship and promise to leave the experience as “Jessica and Felix who are continuing the dating experience”, as she said to 10 Play, wasn’t enough reason to remain dedicated to one another.

Speaking to the publication, the pair revealed that it was the long distance nature of their relationship that posed the biggest strain. Felix had been in Los Angeles since the airing of the show, with the basketball player saying that the experience was tough.

“I’ve been in a long-distance relationship in the past and it’s incredibly strenuous because if you feel strongly about someone, you want them to always be around you,” he added.

“With us, we didn’t know when the show was going to air or what was going to happen.”

Jess cited that long distance, combined with miscommunication put a strain on their budding relationship. (Credit: Source: Channel 10)

Jess also explained that the long distance only added to their communication issues.

“As someone who really values communication and who loves a good D&M, I felt like Felix and I had very different perspectives on what that would look like, and we just kind of lacked that communication,” she said.

“We were on different levels in that sense and it inevitably did naturally fizzle out. I still have care for him and I truly want the best for him and I will always want to be there for him as a friend.

“We have gone through such a massive thing together. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out how I wanted it to… the fairy tale ending never actually came to light even though that’s all I ever wanted in my life.”

Felix echoed this statement, saying the pair are still on great terms. “We’re still incredibly close and we’ve chatted throughout the process,” he said.

Of course, if you thought this meant Jess would reunite with Damien, you’d be sadly mistaken claiming she has “no romantic feelings whatsoever” towards her ex partner.

We wonder if he’s being considered for the next season of The Bachelor

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