How To Prime Your Bedroom For Sex, According To A Feng Shui Master

For those wanting to up the romance this year.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging our surroundings to bring the right energy into our living spaces.

According to Australian Feng Shui master and Luxo Living ambassador, Jane Langof from Feng Shui Concepts, our bedroomsspaces generally used for sex and restare one of the most impactful spaces to practice Feng Shui.

“Feng Shui has the greatest influence in spaces where we spend a significant amount of time, like the bedroom, Jane explains.

“From a Feng Shui perspective, the energy in your bedroom is an indicator of your health and relationships, which impacts all areas of your life. The energy within our bedroom not only affects our capacity for rest and rejuvenation but also deeply influences intimacy and connection.”

Single or coupled up, if you’re wanting to up the romance this year then keep reading for all of Jane’s best tips.

A Feng Shui master shares how to use the tradition to bring romance into the bedroom. (Credit: Getty )

Start By Decluttering

According to Jane, a bedroom that’s free of clutter will harness more positive and romantic energy.

“Clutter can stagnate energy and create a sense of chaos which is counterproductive to romantic energy,” Jane explains.

“Start by decluttering your bedside tables and notice your libido improve.”

Place Your Bed In A Commanding Position

The position of your bed can have the largest affect on the energy in your bedroom.

To harness the right energy, Jane recommends placing your bed in a ‘commanding position’, which she describes as against a solid wall and diagonally across from the door.

“This placement offers a sense of security and stability, essential for fostering intimacy.”

To continue the good vibes, Jane warns against placing the bed across from mirrors or the door.

“Mirrors reflecting the bed can create a feeling of unrest and disturb the peaceful energy needed for romance while having your bed directly aligned with the door can subconsciously create feelings of unease and insecurity, which are not conducive to a romantic atmosphere.”

Decorate With Pairs Of Objects

In Feng Shui, pairs of objects symbolise togetherness.

For this reason, Jane recommends decorating with a pair of objects, such as two bedside tables or lamps.

Bring In Rose Quartz

Rose quartz also holds some romantic power and Jane advises bringing in some rose quartz to attract and nurture romantic energy.

Choose Peaceful Colours

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your bedroom, Jane believes that soft, calming colours, such as muted greens, pinks and duck egg blue will create the right energy.

“These colours create a serene and tranquil environment conducive to romance and relaxation,” Jane explains, while bright, bold and dark colours can be too stimulating or depressing.

“They can create an energy that is not conducive to relaxation and romance,” Jane says.

Opt For Curved Pieces

Feng Shui calls for more curves in the bedroom. (Credit: Getty)

In Feng Shui, curves will encourage the flow of energy.

“Soft flowing curves encourage a smooth flow of energy which is conducive to peace and harmony,” Jane explains.

Likewise, circular objects and patterns that resemble number eight are “particularly auspicious and symbolise abundance.”

Balance Yin and Yang

In every room, it’s important to the balance between Yin and Yang.

This means balancing dark colours with light fabrics, or hard surfaces with soft rugs.

“Incorporate natural materials such as linen for bedding or curtains and wooden furniture,” Jane recommends.

“These elements bring a grounding and calming energy, enhancing the romantic atmosphere.”

Bring In Personal Touches

If you’re wanting to bring some connection back into the bedroom you share with a partner then Jane suggests bringing in some items that have personal significance to you both.

“This could be photographs, artwork, or any décor that evokes happy memories and feelings of love and joy,” Jane says.

Use Warm Lighting

feng shui
Warm lighting is essential to creating a romantic atmosphere. (Credit: Getty )

Forget about using the big light, the right Feng Shui calls for more ambient lighting.

“Warm lighting creates a romantic ambience,” Jane says. “Candles and light globes that emit softer, warmer light are great examples. Place dimmer switches on bedroom lights or bedside lamps to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere conducive to romance.”

Remove Electronic Devices

If you’re guilty of spending hours scrolling on your phone in bed then Jane has some bad news for you.

“Televisions, computers, or phones in the bedroom disrupt the calm energy and distract from a romantic connection with your partner,” Jane explains.

“Electronic devices also emit electromagnetic fields that can interfere with relaxation, health and intimacy.”

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