Florence Given Wants You To Fall In Love With Your Life

The author of international bestseller 'Women Don't Owe You Pretty' is releasing another book.
florence given
Image: Sophia French, courtesy of Florence Given

Four years after the release of Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, writer, activist and illustrator Florence Given is back with another self-help book—and she wants to teach you how to fall in love with your life.

In the years since her debut book hit shelves it has garnered praise for its accessible feminist discourse, and Given herself has become one of the faces of modern feminism online. In 2022, she released her first novel and the Times UK hailed her “the Voice of Gen Z.” Last year she was named in Forbes‘ 30 Under 30.

This year, the international-bestselling author is due to release another text, Women Living Deliciously, which promises to be packed with just as many pearls of wisdom.

What Is Florence Given’s New Book About?

Women Living Deliciously is a collection of essays written by Given. Per publisher Hachette, the book aims to “help women uncover the sense of awe and wonder that has been buried by the layers of shame, perfectionism and self-objectification that get piled on us by the patriarchy.”

Image: Instagram @florencegiven

“This book will unpack the many barriers women face when trying to access joy so that they can discover the delicious life that’s theirs for the taking,” it adds. “International-bestselling author Florence Given wants to restore your lust for life and your sense of agency, giving you the courage and permission to inch closer to the wildly expansive life that you FULLY deserve – not in the future, not when you’re perfect, not when you’re prettier – but right now.

Given has also illustrated the book. As with Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, the drawings will sit between the chapters of text. Given wrote on Instagram, “I love publishing BEAUTIFUL books and I think this will be my most beautiful yet. There are so many tiny colourful details and it’s so exciting watching them come to life!!! “

In Given’s signature style, the cover is just as eye-catching, too. Featuring her self-designed, 70-style font (which also appeared on both of her other books), beaming out from a garden of blooming flowers, you will surely want to give it prime real restate on your book shelf once you have read it.

Women Living Deliciously Release Date

Women Living Deliciously will be published in hardback on October 8, 2024. It is available for pre-order here.

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