This ‘Gossip Girl’ Sex Scene Was So Explicit It Had To Be Cut


From season one to season six, the sexual chemistry between Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf was so steamy it frequently sent conservative parent groups into a frenzy. But in a new interview with Vulture, Gossip Girls executive producer Josh Safran has revealed there were two scenes that were so risqué they never made it to our screens.

When asked whether he has any regrets about the show, Safran casually let slip about this pretty major deleted scene. “I only regret things like not showing Chuck finger Blair and the dildos and other sexual stuff,” he told Vulture, adding, “We had a story about Chuck taking care of Blair under the table at Xan’s. I don’t think we were able to do it, but we hinted at it.”

Imagine what Dorota would have to say about that.

As for the dildos? That scene never even made it to post. It was destined for season one, when the barking mad Georgina Sparks set about ruining Serena Van Der Woodsen’s relationship from afar.

“There were dildos [Georgina] sent to Dan at the house, and we had these really huge dildos in this house that Penn [Badgley] was so shocked to see,” Safran reveals. “But we cut it because you couldn’t show them on air.”

“The deleted-scene version, which I don’t think we ever put anywhere, is hilarious because they’re like a foot and a half long,” Safran adds. “Penn was really shocked.”

Now that we would pay good money to see.

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