Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ Follow-Up ‘Douglas’ Finally Has A Release Date

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Emmy award-winning comedian Hannah Gadsby stopped the comedy world in its tracks with her genre-bending show, Nanette. Having given herself her very own tough act to follow, she named her difficult second album after her eldest dog and took it for a walk across the planet, finishing up in Los Angeles and recording her second stand up special, Hannah Gadbsy: Douglas.

Nanette, Gadsby’s previous stand-up show that she performed in Melbourne in 2017, and then released on Netflix in 2018, saw the comedian’s signature self-deprecating jokes combined with her feminist anger and raw pain from homophobia and sexual abuse. Nanette was supposed to be Gadsby saying goodbye to comedy but instead, she found an audience, and an industry, finally ready to hear more of her hard truths.

Speaking at the launch of Melbourne International Comedy Festival last year, Gadsby said: “I believe that there is a revolution about to happen in comedy, a real, big global revolution, where a joke is not the only tool in a comedian’s kit.”

Douglas will premiere on Netflix on May 26 – so, mark your calendars. 

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While Nanette was a searing commentary formulated through the prism of her horrific experience, Douglas informs and enlighten its audience about what it’s like to have autism.

Following the success of Nanette, Gadsby gained further praise at the 2019 Emmys. 

“The world’s gone a bit crazy,” she started. “For somebody like me, a nobody from nowhere, gets a sweet gig – free suit, new boots – just ’cause I don’t like men.”

“That’s a joke, of course. Just jokes fellas, calm down,” Gadsby continued with a cheeky smile, before making the audience burst into laughter by saying, “#NotAllMen… ButALotOfThem.”

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