Why Jimmy Nicholson & Holly Kingston Are A Textbook ‘Bachelor’ Relationship

The rule, not the exception.

When one thinks of The Bachelor franchise in Australia, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly the happily ever afters that’ve come from it. 

The show is infamous for producing drama (sometimes where drama doesn’t actually exist), heartbreak and more bad edits than we can count. 

But amidst the broken hearts without a rose, the success rate of couples to come out of The Bachelor is surprisingly not too bad—five couples from nine of its seasons are still together, which is more than 50 per cent. It’s certainly a twist to the reality dating show we didn’t see coming. 

With this in mind, that makes the latest Bachelor couple, Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston a walking-talking textbook example of that impressive feat. 

After the finale aired in September 2021, Holly and Jimmy stepped into a new chapter, with their relationship now blissfully public knowledge 

Of course, it was a slight shock to the system given the pair had been forced to separate for several months after they’d filmed the finale to keep it all top secret.

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The morning after the finale aired, Jimmy told maire claire: “We just want to go out today and get a coffee together.”

“It’s the simple things you really take it for granted,” Holly added, explaining that meeting the love of her life on a dating reality show was the furtherest thing from simple. 

“You’re just doing all these amazing, grand things [on the show] and a camera is always there. It really just makes you want to do the simple things.”

Plenty more of that came. In the subsequent months since their relationship was finally outed, Holly and Jimmy’s connection has gone from strength to strength (as if it hadn’t enough during the six-week season).

In October, the pair moved into Jimmy’s newly purchased home in Bondi. They also whisked themselves away to Mudgee, NSW to celebrate the former bachelor’s birthday in November. 

At the time, Holly shared a sweet tribute video to her other half on Instagram. 

“Happy 32nd birthday to my soulmate. To celebrate, here are 32 times I fell in love with you all over again,” she penned alongside the reel. 

From the beginning, Holly and Jimmy’s connection was clear. Their effortless banter, clear chemistry and easy-going temperaments proved to be a winning combo in solidifying their relationship. 

And while runner-up Brooke was left heartbroken after she herself also formed a strong bond with Jimmy, the bachelor has nothing but good things to say about her, and the whole experience. 

Below, read marie claire‘s full interview with the happy couple after they officially went public.

marie claire: Congratulations guys! What a whirlwind season, how are you feeling today now it’s all out in the open? 

Jimmy: Honestly it feels like we just got married or something. It felt like our wedding day yesterday. 

Holly: Yes! I feels like today’s our honeymoon [laughs]. 

marie claire: Holly, talk me through those final moments before you saw Jimmy in that final ceremony. It must have been such an emotional experience. 

Holly: The car rise to see Jimmy was pretty raw—I truthfully had no idea which direction he was going to take. But after three months of not knowing where his head was at I was just ready to hear the final outcome, whatever that may have been. 

And I didn’t realise right up until the very end! When I walked up to him he had tears in his eyes and I thought, “Oh no”, but he was pretty traumatised after letting Brooke down.

marie claire: And Jimmy, what was going through your head after those final two dates you shared with Brooke and Holly?

Jimmy: For me it was that final date with Holly that solidified that she was right for me. Of course Brooke is super sweet and caring and I really liked her, but toward the end I realised there was a compatibility mis-match.

And then I’d formed this amazing connection with Holly. And all of my dates with her were amazing—it was so natural, we didn’t even feel like we were being watched or filmed. That really said something.

marie claire: We also need to talk about your parents who crashed your final date with Holly at Uluru! Was that really a coincidence?!

Jimmy: That was actually a coincidence! They’d gone there to watch the sunset and one of the producers had seen them, so they pulled them over. [Laughs] the look on my face! I didn’t think they realised we were filming our final date. Then the penny dropped.

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marie claire: How difficult was it to keep your relationship private? Did you have to make code names on your phones?

Jimmy: It was pretty tough to not see each other, we were able to organise a couple of rendezvous but some of them we couldn’t because of [COVID] restrictions. 

But as for code names, let’s just say “Mark” is my most messaged and called contact…

Holly: [Laughs], Jimmy is sending lovely messages to a gentleman called Mark! My code name for Jimmy was “Wheezy”, because he’s a snorer. He snores like a tractor! 

marie claire: Too funny! Now tell us what are your plans? What’s the next step in your relationship now it’s all out in the open?

Jimmy: I’ve actually bought a place and we’re moving in together next month. It’ll be great, we’re starting the next chapter together and it’ll be nice to nest.   

marie claire: Okay we’ve got one final question for both of you, what’s your favourite thing about each other? 

Holly: It’s probably our communication. I’ve never been able to communicate with someone so effectively. Jimmy was raised by two empathetic, beautiful people, and it really shows in the way he carries himself. 

Jimmy: I’ve never met anyone that has really just kept me on my toes, I just love every second of it. I’ve got no hesitations about spending the rest of my life with Holly—I’ve never had this feeling, she’s kindest most stable person I’ve ever met.

She had to cop stuff from from some of the nasty girls [in the mansion], even though it was all rubbish—so now I’m just waiting for Australia to fall in love with her even more.

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