Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Bachelor’ Winner Holly Kingston

She had our attention from the start.

Another year, another Bachelor season comes and goes, and with it, at least one more person to add to our Instagram ‘following’ list. 

And if you haven’t followed one particular contestant already, you probably will soon—winner Holly Kingston was one of the most recognisable faces of the series this year as she joined runner-up Brooke Cleal in the final episode.

Ultimately, she won Jimmy’s heart in the end, but this is only the beginning of Holly’s time in the limelight—she so quickly made an impression on Jimmy, and Australia for that matter. 

Here, a look back at Holly’s rise to fame—from her pre-Bachelor days to now.  

(Credit: Network Ten)

Holly is a 27-year-old marketing manager from New South Wales. While her job doesn’t necessarily scream fame and influencing, she’s no stranger to those circles. 

Calling the likes of E! Australia host Francesca Hung as a close pal, Holly’s face was already known to those who follow the tight circle of Australian influencers. Whether it was via the odd appearance in an Instagram story or joining in the cocktail-sipping snaps from exclusive events with Bondi Beach in the background—she’s already prepared somewhat for the world she’s plunging into with Jimmy post-Bachelor

From her first moments on The Bachelor Holly proved to be one to watch. Immediately pointed out by several other notable faces who’ve starred on the dating reality show over the years, Kingston got the “fairytale music” edit—you know, the one the producers supposedly add when one of the final women exit the limousine to meet the bachelor. 

Last year’s Bachelor runner up Bella Varelis was quick to point it out: “My girl got the magic music,” she shared on Instagram.

Meanwhile the winner from Matt Agnew’s 2019’s season, Chelsea McLeod also chimed in: “Calling it right here. In for the win.”

(Credit: Network Ten)

It was immediately apparent that Holly would go far. She was quick to lock in multiple one-on-one dates with Jimmy, and evident sparks flew from the get-go. 

Then came a small hurdle about half way through the season when one of the girls called out Holly for being a ‘mean girl’ during a dinner party with Jimmy’s sister and cousin present. But Holly flipped the tables by fessing straight up to the 32-year-old pilot at the next cocktail party. He appreciated her honestly, and it ultimately brought them closer together. 

Of course, we can’t forget the hometown visits—Holly’s was a raging success. When the contestants were whittled down to two, Holly remained confident and sure of herself—and why shouldn’t she? We ourselves saw how strong the connection she shared with Jimmy really was. 

Sharing a final note on Instagram ahead of the finale, the Bachelor favourite humbly penned: “The journey on @thebachelorau gets harder & harder as feelings evolve… but I’ve said from the start I wouldn’t see this as a competition (because it’s not!) and I am staying true to that until the very end, let’s do this @brookecleal.” 

Now, she and Jimmy ride off into the Alice Springs sunset together, where the finale was filmed, and we couldn’t be happier for the new couple. 

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