Fans Have Already Deduced Who The Final Two Women Will Be On ‘The Bachelor’

The 2021 season is nearing its end.

The Bachelor Australia has flown by this year, and only a handful of contestants are now left in the running to take home Jimmy Nicholson’s final red rose. 

But despite several major contenders left in the running—each of whom have struck up a clear connection with the 32-year-old pilot—there’s two women who are clear frontrunners for the coveted final-two slot. 

Holly Kingston and Brooke Cleal created buzz from the start. Brooke being the initial standout with a charming first meet and greet with Bachelor Jimmy.

The 27-year-old gifted him a Sri Lankan love cake—an ode to her own heritage—and Jimmy was clearly impressed (and understandably, a little tongue-tied). 

Then there was Holly, whose immediate connection with the Bachelor was next to none as they engaged in deeper meaningful chats from the get-go. 

Here, we look at the two women fans are convinced will be Jimmy’s finalists. 

(Credit: Ten)


Brooke is a 27-year-old occupational therapist who reigns from Victoria. 

Her time in the mansion has been far from smooth sailing. Brooke actually left the show halfway through filming after receiving news of a death in her family. Understandably, Brooke spent several weeks to grieve back home. All the while, she stayed in touch with Jimmy. 

Perhaps a testament to their connection, Brooke and Jimmy clearly had unresolved feelings for each other that couldn’t be ignored, and Brooke returned to the mansion. 

Per her Instagram, Brooke is a big fan of travel (when the borders are open, at least) and owns two Spoodle pups. 

(Credit: Ten)


From her first scene, it was clear Holly would go far in the competition. As many Bachelor fans already know, whoever gets the fairytale background music during their introduction with Jimmy is one to watch.

Lo and behold, when the 27-year-old marketing manager from New South Wales entered stage left with that familiar romantic music, it was game over… kind of.

She quickly struck up a connection with The Bachelor, finding that elusive click one so keenly seeks on a first date—a lot of that thanks to her frank, down-to-earth and quick-witted nature. 

While there was a little hiccup when she was called out at a dinner party with Jimmy’s sister and cousin present, Holly took it on the nose and fessed up straight to Jimmy, who took it well. 

The fact that they’ve already opened up a deeper communicative dialogue in their romance (a major winner in any relationship) bodes well for Holly in the eventual outcome of the show, but will it be the clincher? We’ll just have to wait and see…

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