A Twist On ‘The Bachelor’ *Might* Have Just Revealed Who The Winner Will Be

The signs have been there all along.

After what feels like the quickest season in Bachelor history, finals week is approaching—and Jimmy Nicholson’s final decision is imminent. 

Already, fans have a reasonably clear idea as to which of the three remaining women will hit the final two, but after last night’s instalment, which saw Jimmy visit four of the contestant’s hometowns, we can now confidently identify a frontrunner winner—Holly Kingston. 

From the beginning of the season, the 27-year-old caught the attention of the masses due to getting the infamous fairytale music edit in her opening scene (a sure-fire sneaky sign from the producers that she’ll go far). As the season has progressed, so too has her relationship with Jimmy—their easy banter and clear connection are next to none. 

Here, we investigate whether Holly really does win The Bachelor. 

the bachelor-holly
(Credit: Ten)

In the penultimate week of the season, Jimmy visited the hometowns of the four remaining girls. 

While there, he (and us watching at home) learned a lot more about each of the women, who each have their own unique personalities and backstories. Some revelations seemingly perfectly matched with a personality like Jimmy’s, and others not so much (a good thing! Set them free for something better, we say). 

The biggest revelations came from Jay and Brooke’s hometown visits. Jimmy learned that Jay had often been attracted to the wrong type of guy in the past (i.e. people in the public eye), which left Jimmy looking a little uncomfortable given he himself is set to be front and centre of the Australian reality television limelight for at least several months after the season ends. 

And then there was Brooke’s hometown visit, which revealed that the 27-year-old is rather settled with her life in Melbourne—a little far from Jimmy’s home in Sydney. 

When Jimmy asks her family how Brooke would go if she had to be away from her family in Melbourne for periods of time, her family didn’t give him the answer he probably wanted: she’d struggle with that. 

So that left Carlie and Holly, both of whom had successful and drama free hometown visits. 

But lo and behold, when the rose ceremony came around, Carlie was eliminated. See where we’re going with this? 

Given the uncertainty Jimmy had after visiting the families of Brooke and Jay, and the fact that Holly has been a shoo-in as a frontrunner (alongside Brooke) since day one, we—and many other fans—reckon we’ve cracked it. 

Holly Kingston and Jimmy Nicholson may well be our next Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards, and we’re not mad about it. 

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