This Is What Kate Middleton And Prince William Order When They Get Takeaway

"We tend to go pick it up"

After a big night out or a bad day, we’ve been known to slink off and order a takeaway against our better judgment. It turns out that we’re not the only ones as Prince William and Kate Middleton are also keen on ordering in some greasy goodness, however it turns out they have the same drama we do when it comes to decision time.

In an interview with BBC1, Kate revealed with a huge smile that they were ‘absolutely’ allowed to order takeaway and Wills added that it was ‘very important’. (We feel you on that front.) However, Prince William clearly has eyes bigger than his stomach as choosing what they’re going to tuck into can be a nightmare.

He said, ‘It’s a real conundrum when it comes to a pizza, curry or Chinese.’

Kate told him, ‘You do struggle for choice sometimes.’

More often than not though, Prince William’s one to stay from the hotter Indian dishes and stick with a mellow butter chicken as he’s ‘not so good with the spicy food’. Unfortunately, they can’t order food directly to the palace and instead have to go and pick it up – though you’re not likely to see Kate and Wills walking into your local chippy.

Wills clarified, ‘We tend to go pick it up. Not ourselves.’

The couple also revealed that they’re ‘actually quite keen on box sets’ and we’d love to know what their Netflix account looks like. Given that Queen Elizabeth is supposedly a big fan of The Crown and the new series has just started filming, we’d love to know their thoughts.

While Prince William didn’t touch on the Netflix show, he did reveal that he and Kate love a bit of Homeland and – appropriately – Game of Thrones.

Which family do you think they’re backing? We’re putting money on the Starks.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire UK. 

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