An Important Investigation Into Whether Bling Empire’s Kevin & Kim Are Still Together

Season two has thrown us (and them) for six.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from season two of Bling Empire. 

The first season of Netflix’s Bling Empire straight up breadcrumbed us when it came to deciphering exactly what was going on between Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee.

With hints of chemistry between the two, though with no indication of what it could mean, and if anything would eventuate, fans eagerly awaited answers at the release of the second season.

As the season progresses, we know that their relationship—the good and bad of it—does too. Kim clearly has issues coming to terms with Kevin’s past, with the 33-year-old self-made millionaire recalling in one scene: “I’m going to have to get over the fact that Kevin dated all these girls.”

Kim also asked Kevin to take a lie detector test in order to process her trust issues—it’s a point of contention, with co-star Anna Shay sceptically asking Kevin: “Why do you have to take a test for some girl?”

It’s undoubtedly a turbulent relationship—the outcome of which is unknown to viewers, particularly considering the second season was filmed almost a year ago.

(Credit: Netflix)

Are Kevin and Kim still together now? 

Sadly, Kevin and Kim could not work out their differences and they aren’t together now. 

In an interview with TODAY in May, Kevin revealed the pair weren’t even in the same city anymore: “I’m in New York now, and Kim’s in Los Angeles,” he explained. 

But there’s no bad blood between them, with the 38-year-old adding: “We tried to check up on each other to see how we’re doing emotionally and mentally.” 

Kim also revealed that she was “at peace” with everything that had happened. 

“In the end, it was going with your gut feelings. I had to do what’s best for me instead of doing what the outside world said.” 

Speaking to ET CanadaKim explained that what happened between her and Kevin was “very intense”, to which Kevin replied: “It’s a hurricane, it’s rainy, it’s tumultuous, but… you gotta have them, I guess, in the world?”

Kim laughed, adding: “Whatever that means.” 

(Credit: Netflix)

Kevin also added that after filming for season two wrapped, the entire cast needed to take some time out.

“All of us needed space and distance. We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… and I think the audience will feel the same,” he explained. 

In the lead up to the new season, which dropped on Netflix on May 13, both Kim and Kevin remained closed. 

They commented and liked each others posts, and they were pictured together doing some promos for the show. 

This, along with what they’ve said in recent interviews deduces that while they’re no longer romantically involved, they’re definitely on good terms. 

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