Tinder Exists For Baby Names, And It’s Actually The Best Thing Ever

Introducing… Kinder

Forget passing the Prime Minister test and matching appropriately with your surname: in our books, the hardest part of choosing a baby name is finding something that both you and your partner like.

Whether you’re leaning towards one of the most popular baby names of 2018 or the 100-year-old names set to make a comeback, a new app matches your top choices with your partner’s, and this pregnant writer can’t get enough of it. 

It’s called Kinder, and it works just like Tinder – except instead of swiping right on potential love interests, you’re presented with baby names to say yay or nay to. You can search according to country of origin or gender – and whenever you match with a name your partner also likes, the app lets you know.

kinder baby naming app
(Credit: Kinder)

The only problem is that you inevitably end up trawling through hundreds of downright awful names in order to get to the gold – and some women may not want their husband’s options opened to monikers like Maverick, Draco and Flash. But then again, each to their own.

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