The Top 6 Greatest Moments From ‘Love Actually’

Our hearts, they can't take it!

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, we thought it was an appropriate time to reminisce on the most heart-warming moments from everyone’s favourite holiday flick: Love Actually.

Between its all-star cast, a damn fantastic soundtrack or the array of storylines that strike the perfect balance between sweet and sad, Love Actually is a joyful rom-com classic that never fails to disappoint. 

Although there are plenty of tear-jerky moments within Love Actually (we will never forgive Alan Rickman for cheating on Emma Thompson), we thought we would limit our focus to the moments that made us cry happy tears.

From the funny to the embarrassing to the just plain romantic, here are the 6 best moments in Love Actually.  

6. When we learnt crustaceans were at the birth of Jesus

The moment we all learnt that lobsters witnessed the birth of Christ is pure comedy gold. The line, “there was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?” is delivered to near perfection by Emma Thompson, and it never fails to crack us up.

5.The best wedding surprise

Juliet (Kiera Knightley) and Peter’s (Chiwetel Ejiofor) wedding looks like a union of pure love, which becomes a little messier later on. Even though this is one of the more complicated love triangles in the movie, everyone can agree that their wedding was pure magic. The unexpected appearance of choir singers performing The Beatles hit “All You Need Is Love”, accompanied by the occasional popping up of a wedding guest to play an accompaniment on various instruments, is one of the sweetest wedding surprises we’ve ever seen.

4. The Hugh Grant dancing scene  

There’s really only one word for this moment and that’s ‘iconic’. It’s so fabulously embarrassing that it makes us fall in love with the goofy Prime Minister even more.

3. Jamie goes to France

The Jamie and Aurelia love story is beyond satisfying, considering at the beginning of the movie Jamie discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him WITH HIS BROTHER. But the fact that Jamie (Colin Firth) and Aurelia (Lúcia Moniz) fall in love despite not being able to communicate with each other is beautiful to watch. But our top moment in this love story is when Jamie finally decides to learn Portuguese, jump on a plane to France, walks through the streets of Marseille on Christmas Eve with a trail of people behind him, just to propose to Aurelia in Portuguese in front of her entire family.

2. When the Prime Minister goes door knocking to find Natalie

The Prime Minister, in a desperate bid to find Natalie, decides to knock on every door in her street in the hopes he might find the right house. It’s another sweet moment in an already adorable love story. Fav part, when the little girls demand carols and Hugh Grant’s driver begins to sing in that hilarious booming voice.  

1. When Sam gets the girl

Who could forget the most wholesome love story ever to be told? Our hearts were almost too full watching Sam frantically run through the airport to tell Joanna that he loves her. The best part? The moment she returns his affections by kissing him on the cheek, collectively bursting all our hearts in the process.

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