Huge News For ‘Love Actually’ Fans As Cast Confirm Something ‘Big’ Is Coming

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It’s been 20 years since Love Actually hit our screens and firmly planted itself in our annual Christmas traditions.

Whether you can’t get over little Sam’s crush, are still on the war path about Harry’s (Alan Rickman) betrayal of Karen (Emma Thompson), or are still obsessed with the secretary-meets-Prime-Minister love story, it’s safe to say that this is a film that touched many.

Now, it seems there could be a reunion of sorts afoot, with the Love Actually cast confirming they’re working on something ‘big’ with the original director Richard Curtis.

Martine McCutcheon, who played political secretary Natalie in the series, let fans of the film in on the news.

Image: Love Actually

“I have just been filming something for the delightful Richard Curtis,” said the actress. “He is doing something which is going to be celebrating Love Actually big time.”

“He asked me to be involved and I was very honoured and flattered and I of course said I would. I wish I could have done more than I have Richard, but I think it’s going to be a really lovely, feel good thing to go and enjoy.”


Given the film was originally released on 26 December 2003, could we expect a reunion in the works?

While the details are hazy at this stage, McCutcheon seemed excited to get back into the Love Actually theme of things and celebrate the spectrum of love we have in our lives, from family, friends and romantic partners.

“For me, being a part of such a huge project that explored so many different kinds of love was the ultimate dream,” she wrote. “For me it’s what life is truly all about. So career wise there is nothing that would or could match it. The message of Love Actually has reached so many and continues to touch new generations.”

If it is a reunion, it wouldn’t be the first time the cast had done so.

Image: Love Actually

In fact, they all got together for the 15th anniversary in 2017 for a short promotional film for Red Nose Day. This was also written and directed by Richard Curtis.

During the 15-year reunion, only a few actors did not participate including Emma Thompson, who turned it down due to the recent passing of her on-screen husband Alan Rickman.


Hugh Grant is asked what he thinks of Love Actually

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Fans are concerned that Hugh Grant may not appear in any kind of get together, given his recent comments on the film during his Wonka tour.

“Well, um, I like Colin’s bits. Colin Firth’s story,” he shared in a TikTok interview. “I skip through the rest of it, really.

“Which is weird, because I hate Colin and I want nothing but bad for his career,” he joked. “But I do think that’s the best part of that film.”

For now, watch this space.

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