PSA: Sophie Monk Just Shared The First ‘Love Island’ Trailer

We can't look away!

If you’re worried about how you’ll get your weekly TV fix of shirtless, oiled-up men and plenty of drama after The Bachelor In Paradise ends, don’t fret. 

Love Island is coming to our TV screens very soon, with host Sophie Monk sharing a first look at the new series. 

Love Island is often billed a mash-up between Big Brother and The Bachelor, with a beautiful bunch of single people thrown on an island to see if they’re looking for love—or just money.

As the weeks go by, new single people are added to the mix, with viewers able to vote on who is sent home.

The last couple standing scores the big cash prize—but there’s a catch. One half of the couple is given the option of either splitting the cash prize with their partner, or keeping it all to themselves.  

Check out the trailer below.  

See you on the couch!

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