Are Adorable ‘MAFS’ Couple Patrick & Belinda Still Together?

We really hope so!

While Married At First Sight 2021 has had quite a few long-standing couples making it to the final vows this week, when it comes to strong pairings, it doesn’t get much more compatible than Belinda Vickers and Patrick Dwyer.

The MAFS couple were an instant hit with fans thanks to their adorable shy energy and slow pace, becoming friends first, then lovers over weeks of tentativeness. 

Sure, there was that whole “is Belinda lying about never having had a boyfriend” business when it was revealed she may have had a 73-year-old partner years back.

But their romance has been sweet as hell, it’s their off-screen behaviour that has fans thinking the couple are still going strong outside the show. Here’s why.

1. They Spent Time Together In Melbourne

As spotted on reality TV Instagram The Wash, Belinda and Patrick attended a party together looking very much loved-up. They’ve been spotted plenty of times hanging out, like here paying for parking (celebrities, they’re just like us!) and by other fans in Melbourne.

Both hailing from Victoria, gossip sites speculate that the pair have actually moved in together in Melbourne.

2. They Were Spotted At A ‘MAFS’ Party


Adding to the strong rumour that Patrick and Belinda are still together, Popsugar claims they saw the couple attend Fitzy & Wippa’s Married At First Sight dinner party, and that Patrick himself confirmed they were still an item.

Given all these couple appearances going on, they’re either tricking us or the real deal.

3. Patrick Is Plagued By Cheating Claims, Though


While most of the rumours circulating about Patrick and Belinda are positive and hint at the MAFS couple staying together after the show, one rumour from reality TV podcast So Dramatic claims that Patrick has been hitting on women at the gym he works at. 

Granted, it’s a rumour from a source and we don’t know who this source is. But still! We hope this isn’t the end of Patrick and Belinda.

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