MAFS Reactions: Tonight, It’s Booka Vs. Brett And Patrick

"I can’t wait for the experts opinions, I’m sure it’ll be so illuminating"

We’re up to MAFS’ 20th episode, which means we’re well and truly getting down to the nitty-gritty with the remaining couples—and former golden couple Booka and Brett are tonight’s main source of entertainment.

We’re coming off the back of that letter, where Patrick alleged Booka was pretty much self-centred and her partner Brett pretty much agreed (just in not so many words). 

Basically, she says he portrayed her as an “ugly person” and unsurprisingly, Brett disagreed, asserting he never said she was an ugly person. Yes, Brett, but you didn’t exactly try and refute those claims?

Viewers are awarding a *chef’s kiss* to the producers, who placed a very angry Booka in between the two men who started this whole mess, and Bryce tries his hardest to not make things all about him for a change. 

The two eventually make good, but not without some great commentary from Twitter along the way. For a full rundown of tonight’s events, head to our nightly recap

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