Get Ready, There Are Apparently Two More ‘MAFS’ Cheating Scandals Headed Our Way

And the reunion is said to be one of the most spicy episodes to date

Warning: This article contains Married At First Sight 2021 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Every year Married At First Sight Australia gifts its loyal viewers with a juicy and salacious cheating scandal that provides Channel Nine with enough advertisement content for the remainder of the season. But this time around, the reality TV series is hell-bent on providing us with more drama than ever before, thanks to two more cheating scandals headed our way.

Following Coco and Cam’s disloyal tryst—and that cringe-worthy kiss—rumour has it, that two more couples will be caught up in cheating allegations that don’t seem to be manufactured by the show’s producers.

Both seemingly taking place outside the show, the scandals will be revealed at the reunion special, and let’s just say, they’re not short of dramatic. Of course, if you’re not looking to spoil the rest of this season, we suggest you don’t scroll down.

First up, the So Dramatic! podcast has revealed that the first scandal is between MAFS‘ Jake Edwards and Booka Nile. Essentially, the two apparently shared a kiss at a New Years Eve party, and while the kiss was apparently just innocent, Beck saw a video of it and naturally, was upset.

“At midnight Jake and Booka shared a sloppy, drunken kiss,” So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto said.

“Jake also kissed Beth that night, and then Booka and Beth kissed… It was a friendly kiss but apparently they locked lips for a few seconds more than everyone did,” a source told Pustetto.

However, their ‘friendly’ make out session took place after filming which can only mean that Beck and Jake make it until the final commitment ceremony. 

As for our beloved Brett and Booka, turns out that the oh-so-sweet pair don’t make it quite as far. Apparently, Brett embraced his inner sexist with some out-of-line comments, leaving Booka upset.

But fret not, the drama doesn’t stop there. The show’s second cheating scandal involved Beck and her ex-boyfriend that took place during filming.

According to So Dramatic!, producers allowed Beck to fly back home for a small period of time in order to look after her sick dog. But of course, while on said trip, she allegedly hooked up with her ex, with the affair accidentally being recorded on camera.

While Beck was away, she and Jake were told to keep in contact through video diaries. A friend of one of the contestants explained to Pustetto that “during one of the videos, Beck thinks she’s turned it off [her camera] but accidentally films herself going over to a sofa and making out with someone who is not Jake.” 

As one could expect, the footage will be shown at the long-awaited MAFS reunion, where tensions are sure to rise. Which only means one thing, we’re counting down the days until the air date.

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