“My Eyes!” Can We Please Get That ‘MAFS’ Kiss Erased From Our Minds?

The best reactions to tonight's 'Married At First Sight' episode

Another week of Married At First Sight has brought us to yet another commitment ceremony, and it couldn’t come at a better time—following the last dinner party which saw Bryce and Sam come to blows over… respecting women? An argument ensued, water was thrown and frankly, we’re ready to move on from this storyline. 

The episode sees Coco tell Cam she didn’t feel “supported” by him at the dinner party before they end the conversation with a kiss, which honestly, I wish I could erase from my memory for good. 

Booka and Brett continue to be the cutest couple on the show, expert John Aiken slaps some sense into Bryce over his continuous displays of toxic masculinity and James, bizarrely, admits he’s in love with… Allessandra, and everyone’s like read the room, dude.  

Eventually, we say goodbye to Russell and Beth, Coco and Sam and Sam and Cam. Adios! In next week’s episodes, we’ll be introduced to three new couples

As always, if you want a rundown of tonight’s antics head to our nightly recap, and see below for the best reactions to MAFS‘ thirteenth episode.

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