Which ‘Married At First Sight’ Australia 2024 Couples Are Still Together?

Australia's most dramatic reality program is back for another season.
Eden and Jayden have broken up.Instagram

Another season of Married At First Sight Australia has wrapped, leaving the dinner parties, drama and (hopefully) love behind for another year.

Last night, the reunion episode of MAFS 2024 aired, giving us a better idea of which couples have stayed together after the cameras have switched off.

Of course, a lot has happened between the time of filming and now.

Here, find out which Married At First Sight Australia couples are really still together.

Sara And Tim

Sara and Tim from MAFS 2024
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Sara and Tim seemed to both feel the spark on their wedding day and were excited to learn about their mutual connection with Colombia.

While the couple experienced some friction later that day, largely due to Tim only breaking up with his ex six months before the show began, they seemed to sort it out.

However, this couple’s relationship has been a bit of a rollercoaster since then, with Sara meeting up with an ex while filming the series.

While Tim was hurt by Sara’s actions, he decided to forgive her and give their relationship another chance.

The couple patched it up and chose to keep going with their relationship at the final vows.

Are Tim And Sara Still Together?

While Sara and Tim seem to have made it work on the show, it doesn’t look like the relationship made it after the cameras turned off.

In fact, Tim was spotted kissing his ex-girlfriend, Barbara in February.

Tim maintains that he reuninted with Barbara after spitting from Sarah, telling Yahoo! Lifestyle, “The only person I was romantically involved with during the experiment was Sara, which is more than I can say about others.”

Cassandra and Tristan

Couple Cassandra and Tristan in MAFS 2024
(Credit: Channel Nine )

From the get go, Cassandra and Tristan seemed almost too wholesome for a show like MAFS.

The couple were all smiles on their wedding day and seemed to really enjoy each other’s company.

However, the couple failed to find a romantic connection and left the show as friends.

Are Cassandra And Tristan Still Together?

Unfortunately, Cassandra and Tristan didn’t make it work in a relationship but seemed to have developed a sweet friendship.

Timothy And Lucinda

MAFS 2024 couple Lucinda and Timothy
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Lucinda and Timothy are as opposite as they come, and yet they seemed to work on MAFS 2024.

While the more reserved Timothy initially found Lucinda’s openness too intense, he slowly eased into their relationship and they even shared a sweet kiss at the dinner party.

However, the couple’s progress derailed during homestays, when Timothy became distant with Lucinda.

Are Lucinda And Timothy Still Together?

The pair decided to call it quits before final vows but decided to remain friends. During the reunion episode, Timothy shared how he felt about Lucinda.

“We still talk every couple of days. We are pretty on track. It’s amazing. So there’s hope, yes for sure,” he said. 

“I always said it wasn’t an ending of something, but the beginning of something.”

Despite not being in a relationship, the pair still seem deeply connected, and have even attended events together since the show ended.

While Timothy refused to give anything away during an interview on The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G, he did admit the pair were regularly catching up.

“Lu was at my place on Thursday night,” he said. “I literally just got off the phone (with Lucinda) before you guys called.”

Jack And Tori

MAFS 2024 couple Jack and Tori
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Jack and Tori’s relationship rang alarm bells for Tori’s friends on the wedding day.

Jack introduced himself as an “alpha” who was sure he could “dominate” the also very independent Tori.

Since then, these two seem to find themselves at the centre of every drama, with many of the fellow MAFS 2024 participants being skeptical of Jack’s feelings for Tori.

Yet, the couple chose to stay together at the final vows and take their relationship out of the experiment.

Are Jack And Tori Still Together?

At this stage, it looks like the couple are still together. A leaked close friend’s story from Tori’s Instagram showed the couple spending Christmas together while more recent photos have shown the pair kissing at MAFS alum Bryce Ruthven’s 35th birthday party.

Natalie and Collins

MAFS 2024 couple Natalie and Collins
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Natalie and Collins have had a wobbly start to their Married At First Sight Australia 2024 experience, and after storming out of the first dinner party, viewers thought their relationship was done.

While the couple chose to give it another shot, their efforts were short-lived.

Are Collins And Natalie Still Together?

Unfortunately, Natalie and Collins have officially left the experiment and are no longer together.

Despite Collins continuing to write stay, Natalie packed her bags and left the experiment.

The pair have not made amends since then.

Jayden and Eden

Jayden and Eden, who were coupled up for Married At First Sight Australia in 2024
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Jayden and Eden seemed to be all sparks on their wedding day and honeymoon.

Their first challenge came on confessions week, when Jayden’s wild confession didn’t sit well with Eden.

While the couple seem to have gone from strength to strength, they hit a wobble when Sara met up with her ex, with Eden and Jayden disagreeing about how to navigate the situation.

However, the pair chose to stay together at the final vows, with Jayden admitting he saw Eden being the mother of his children and Eden stating that she hoped to experience a “lifetime” of Jayden’s love.

Are Jayden And Eden Still Together?

While the couple were very much together at the reunion, things seem to have gotten a little rocky since then, with Eden calling Jayden and fellow MAFS 2024 contestant Lauren disrespectful for their behaviour together on a night out after the show ended.

‘I think both of their behaviour on that night was quite disrespectful of me,’ Eden told The Daily Mail.

‘It felt almost a little bit intentional from Lauren’s half to hurt my feelings, and maybe Jayden as well.”

Eden has since posted an update on social media, sharing that the couple parted ways.

“When I made the decision at final vows to be with Jayden, I really did that with long term intentions. Jayden & I spent many months together after the experiment, during which Cub gained a dad and I gained a second family who I’m truly grateful for.

“I’m saddened to share that toward the end of the show airing, our relationship came to an unexpected end. The ‘reality’ is, the person I chose didn’t choose me. Whilst I’m disappointed, I will never regret the experiment, the people I met, the lessons I learnt and the growth this process has had on me.

“Thank you for supporting us and for also wishing for the same fairytale that I had hoped for.”

Jayden posted a similar message on his Instagram, where he wrote, “Sometimes in life, things don’t always go the way you had hoped for. After the experiment, Eden and I went back to the Gold Coast and continued to enjoy living our lives together and getting to know each other every day.

“However, unfortunately, our relationship ended not long before the end of the experiment airing. As sad as it is, I’m so glad I got to go through this with such an amazing woman and a beautiful son. You will both always have a second family on the Gold Coast.”

Ben And Ellie

MAFS 2024 couple Ben and Ellie
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Ben and Ellie had a gentle start to their relationship (other than Ellie’s cousin grilling Ben at the wedding) however things got a bit more complicated when the couple were asked to order their values and Ben was surprised Ellie had kids and family at the top of hers.

Not long after that, things went downhill and the couple left the experiment.

Are Ben And Ellie Still Together?

No Ben and Ellie are not together, and Ellie has moved on with Jono instead.

Andrea And Richard

Andrea and Richard from Married At First Sight Australia 2024
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Andrea and Richard probably had the strongest chemistry out of all of this year’s couples, however that didn’t stop Richard from placing his new wife third on his ‘attraction’ list.

Despite trying to make it work, the couple struggled to keep their connection going throughout the experiment and chose to leave.

Are Richard And Andrea Still Together?

Richard and Andrea didn’t stay together after their time on Married At First Sight Australia in 2024.

Lauren And Jonathan

Couple Lauren and Jonathan on MAFS 2024
(Credit: Channel Nine )

Lauren and Jonathan had a fun start to their relationship but the chemistry quickly fizzled on Lauren’s end.

While the relationship did pick up steam after the homestays, things went downhill after it was revealed that Jono had been texted by Ellie, who had already left the experiment.

The couple parted ways at the final vows.

Are Lauren And Jonathan Still Together?

No, this couple are not still together and Jono is now seeing Ellie.

Jade and Ridge

Jade and Ridge from MAFS 2024 are still together
(Credit: Getty)

Jade and Ridge were latecomers to the experiment but that didn’t stop them from becoming one of the strongest couples on the show.

With instant chemistry and a lack of conflict, these two naturally fell into a loving relationship.

At the final vows, the couple chose to stay together.

Are Jade And Ridge Still Together?

The couple seem to have made it work outside of the experiment, posting videos of their Bali holiday to their private Instagram accounts in February.

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