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Which Couples From ‘Love On The Spectrum’ Are Still Together?

Did your faves stand the test of time?

Forget rose ceremonies and dramatic eliminations; our favourite new reality show is far more real. 

Love On The Spectrum is a first-of-its-kind dating series, focusing on young people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of love and relationships. The Australian-devised format has been a hit since its premiere in 2019, with viewers falling in love with the wholesome — and at times hilariously honest — pursuits of the show’s subjects. In fact, Love on The Spectrum was so successful that it received a US spin-off, which is currently captivating viewers in its second season.

In honour of this latest instalment hitting Netflix, we’re taking a deep dive into the lives of the stars of Love On The Spectrum US, season two. Keep reading to find out how your favourite couples fared once the cameras were turned off.

Abbey And David

Season one favourites Abbey and David took their relationship to new heights in season two, with Abbey and her family joining David on a safari to Africa.  Thankfully, this couple are still together, and their romance seems to be going from strength to strength, with Abbey even discussing wedding plans with ET

“We would have a delicious Costco pizza and Krispy Kream doughnuts. And we might get married in Africa or the San Diego Zoo Safari Park,” she said.

If you can’t wait for a third season to see how this romance pans out, you’re in luck. Abbey also frequently shares updates on her life via her TikTok account, @hatsbyabbey.

Dani and Adan

Image: Netflix

Dani and Adan are another returning couple who continued their journey together in season two. The pair made strides in their relationship in this season, including sharing their first kiss together, and Adan asking Dani to be his girlfriend. Spoiler alert, she said yes.

As it stands, Dani and Adan are still together, although Dani shared that they hadn’t caught up in person since July last year.

“I recognize that he’s juggling a busy schedule with college and a part-time job. I genuinely wish we could find more time to spend together,” she told Tudum.

“On a positive note, my best friend Devin has suggested the idea of meeting somewhere in the middle for our next date. It sounds like a great plan to bridge the distance and make our time together more manageable.”

Connor and Emily

Image: Netflix

Connor’s Love On The Spectrum journey got off to a rocky start, after a series of failed speed dates – including with Emily. But despite initially rejecting her, Connor quickly changed his mind, and the pair began dating. When the series wrapped up, producers shared that Emily and Connor were still an item, however they’ve since decided to call it quits.

“We still keep in contact by text and go out together from time to time. Emily and I have both decided to be platonic. I am still single,” Conor told Tudum.

Tanner and Kate

Image: Getty

Season favourites Tanner and Kate’s connection didn’t last longer than two dates, and 24-year-old Tanner has since shared he is still single. 

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