All The Signs Suggesting That ‘MAFS’ Couple Booka & Brett Will Split

RIP our favourite 2021 couple.

If there was ever a stand out couple from this 2021 season of Married At First Sight, it has to have been Booka Nile and Brett Helling.

The metal band star and the psychology student seemed to hit it off right from the start, falling into an easy relationship filled with chemistry and friendship. Perfection, right?

Booka and Brett sailed through MAFS commitment ceremonies and dinner parties with little to no drama following them. Until this week, when rumours started circling that the fan favourites were soon to break up.

Below, find all the clues that seem to indicate Booka and Brett won’t make it to the end.

Booka Penned A Song That Sounds Like It’s About Brett

Not a good song, either. One that references “bulls**t on your face” and f***boys, to be specific. While there has been no confirmation that the lyrics are about Brett, the timing is interesting.


Brett Missed Booka’s MAFS Viewing Party

Look, this one isn’t super solid, given the fact that if they ARE still together, they probably can’t be seen in public as such. But still, Brett was definitely absent from Booka’s Married At First Sight viewing party earlier this month.

Brett Follows Booka On Instagram, But Booka Doesn’t Follow Brett

To be fair, Pedestrian cleared this one up, finding a comment by Booka that said Brett was just breaking the rules and they were not even allowed to follow cast on Instagram during the show, anyway. 


Sources Have Been Leaking Break Up Information

According to podcast So Dramatic, not only will Booka and Brett not last, but a source says Brett is going to look really bad on the show soon. “A person who knows Brett got in touch and said: ‘I know Brett, they definitely do not last. He reckons he’s going to get a bad edit, he’s back in Geelong and telling people they are not together,” host Megan Pustetto said in a recent episode.

Apparently, Brett Says Some Really Sexist Stuff

So Dramatic had even more gossip for us about Booka and Brett. “Someone contacted me saying, ‘I work with Brett’s best friend, he went out for dinner with Brett last Friday night, this would have been back in January, and he [Brett] said he’s really worried he’s going to get a bad edit and…that Booka is a nutcase. He’s literally going round telling people that Booka is crazy.” YIKES. 

It gets worse. “Booka is a staunch feminist and Brett made a number of comments about her — and women in general — that didn’t sit well with her. He bragged that he had a fetish for Japanese women, cracked jokes that women can’t drive, classic fake woke sexist shit,” host Megan Pustetto said a source close to Booka divulged.

Tonight’s Letter Writing Task Will Start Their Breakdown

According to TV Week, a letter writing task that takes place tonight, which sees Patrick writing a letter to Booka and Brett about the state of their relationship, sees fractures form.

“All I could think was that Patrick has heard this from somebody who has painted this really ugly picture of me – and that his best friend is my husband,” Booka tells TV Week.

“Like, ‘Wait a minute – if this is the relationship you’ve been living in, what relationship have 
I been in this whole time?'”

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