This New Serial Killer Series Will Be Your Next Netflix Obsession

From the director of 'Fight Club' and 'Gone Girl' — say no more

“It’s not easy butchering people. It’s hard work. Physically and mentally I don’t think people realise,” begins the chilling trailer for the new Netflix crime thriller, Mindhunter

Yep, we’re hooked already. 

The 10-part series, produced and partly directed by David Fincher, delves into the twisted minds of serial killers. Set in 1979, the show follows two FBI agents who develop new techniques to profile and track criminals.

To do so, they interview the very worst serial killers and rapists (and they’re a pretty bad bunch) who are spending the rest of their lives behind bars. 

It sounds like Silence of the Lambs for the Netflix generation. 


Mindhunter stars some familiar faces, with Jonathan Groff (Frozen, Glee, Hamilton) in the lead, Anna Torv (Fringe), and Holt McCallany (Heroes). Charlize Theron also serves as one the executive producers. 

Knowing Fincher’s creative genius (he’s behind a bunch of your favourite movies — Fight Club, Gone Girl, The Social Network, Se7en, etc) you can expect a slick, brooding and sometimes gruesome affair.

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The series is set to drop on Netflix on October 13. What a time to be alive.  

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