Paris Hilton’s Used A Fake Voice Her Entire Career, Now We’re Hearing Her Real Voice

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Growing up with Paris Hilton, we all remember her high-pitched, California Barbie accent that screamed money and privilege.

Since then, we have had some insight into the real Paris, and of course, her real voice.

In her 2020 documentary This Is Paris, the then 39-year-old entered a recording booth to show how she could so easily transition between her different “voices”.

“I feel like the whole world thinks they know me because I’ve been playing this character for so long,” she said in the doco. “That’s not me.”

So yes, it’s true. The blonde bombshell in The Simple Life saying ‘that’s hot’ in that uninterested ‘baby voice’ isn’t actually her normal tone. In fact, when she’s at home lounging with her husband Carter Reum and newborn son Phoenix., she doesn’t sound anything like the persona we’ve come to love.

Paris Hilton with Nicole Richie in 2003. (Credit: Image: Getty)

“I’m not a dumb blonde—I’m just really good at pretending to be one,” she said in an interview with Sunrise when the documentary was released.

Since then, though, we have continued to see Paris play into that California ‘baby voice’, with words like ‘sliving’ going viral in the same way ‘that’s hot’ was the motto of the 2000s.

And thus, fans who had not seen the documentary were baffled when she went on ITV’s This Morning program and used her ‘real voice’ throughout the entire interview.

It was so unusual that host Alison Hammond even brought it up during the interview.

Paris Hilton still plays into that character at times. (Credit: Image: Getty)

“This is the authentic Paris? This isn’t the voice I remember,” she asked her guest.

“This is my real voice, that was a character,” Paris responded. “For a long time, people have misunderstood and underestimated me, but I can understand…playing that character. Of course, they were going to assume otherwise.”

“After the Simple Life, I got stuck [as that character] and everyone assumed that’s who I really was in real life and I’m a naturally shy person, so it was also kind of a mask for me.”

Her natural voice sits a few pitches lower than her Simple Life voice, giving the star a more mature and regal tone that really suits her. However, it is a shock to those who aren’t used to seeing the star with this kind of tone.

Paris is ready to embrace that authentic side of her now that she is a mum. (Credit: Image: Getty)

“I can’t get over her talking with a normal voice,” a fan commented on Twitter.

“I just heard Paris Hilton like, naturally talk in a normal conversation for the first time in so long and why is her voice so much deeper than I expected?” another added.

“Her normal speaking voice is great, she uses the fry tactically. You all have been psyoped into sounding like idiots by real operators. Ha,” a fan said, defending Hilton.

Why does Paris Hilton change her voice?

Paris has openly admitted to E! that she switches between her baby voice and normal voice depending on the situation. It’s clar that she uses that Simple Life voice when she’s playing into that rich dumb-blonde heiress character she’s been known for, for so long.

When she is being playful, using words like ‘sliving’, it will slip out.

However, now grown up and a mother, it is her normal voice that takes precedence, especially for important interviews and launches, like that of her new book Paris: The Memoir.

Many fans have since come out to praise the star’s natural voice, comparing it to that of actress Diana Agron’s, which is interesting given Agron grew up mostly in California and her father was a general manager for Hyatt Hotels. Maybe it’s all in the hotel family?

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