‘I Tried The Workout The Celebrities Are Obsessed With’

And now I am too

I’ve been on somewhat of a journey back into the world of fitness lately. After having a baby a little over a year ago, and having done *very* little since then (well if you call lugging a 12kg nugget around nothing…) I realised I’m not in my 20s anymore and the whole doing nothing method wasn’t going to cut it.

So first up, I tried going back to the gym I went to pre-baby, your regular run of the mill, monthly membership, pump and spin classes type of gym, but I found I was just seeing the payment come out each month and struggling to find the motivation to actually step foot inside. The classes I loved before just weren’t luring me back anymore. So I decided to cancel and “go it alone”.

It will be easy I thought, I’ve been to the gym enough, I know what I’m doing – and I can work out from the lounge room while bub sleeps. Yeah didn’t happen. I even tried one of those online programs, that gives you a set workout each day and a meal plan – yeah that didn’t happen.

I quickly realised the whole at home thing wasn’t for me, I’m a more out of the house, someone telling me what to do and making me accountable kind of person, so with a bunch of my colleagues obsessed with F45 I thought I would try that. And while I did enjoy it (and pre-baby me would have been all over that), it just wasn’t what I was looking for and I started to skip classes just two weeks in – not a good start.

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So one day instead of exercising, I was procrastinating researching on Instagram and while I’d noticed it plenty of times before, suddenly I had a realisation: there is one exercise ALL the celebrities, models, Insta-stars are doing and raving about. Pilates.

“Pilates makes my day better and that’s just the straight truth,” says actress Kate Hudson. “Every time I finish a class I feel two inches taller, lighter and more grounded 🙌”.

I’d tried and loved pilates before, but never really stuck with it, I’d done it in large studios where you are one of 20 and all doing the same exercises and not really sure if you’re doing it right.

And then I met Kirsten King from Fluidform Pilates, and everything changed (she writes after one class). But seriously. One class with Kirsten – who counts Victoria’s Secret model Georgia Fowler, Elle Ferguson, Pip Edwards, Nicole Warne (to name but a few) as clients – and her knowledge and love of Pilates is contagious, and you’ll feel amazing. She’s super hands-on and has you working muscles you never even knew you had. Because that’s what Pilates is all about – working the smaller muscle groups that create long and lean limbs, as opposed to traditional exercise and weight training which works the bigger muscle groups that create bulk.

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When you walk into Fluidform there’s something immediately different from other studios, it’s not big and overwhelming. Yes, there’s plenty of equipment around the place (and yes it all gives off a very Fifty Shades of Grey vibe – the equipment not the studio) but there’s a very different vibe.

So first up I answered a short questionnaire about myself so Kirsten could get an idea of what she was working with, and then we got stuck right in. For me, I am still battling with post-natal ab separation so a lot of the focus of our workout was on that and building my core back up, but Kirsten and her team will assess you individually and come up with a plan based on your body and what you are looking to achieve.

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The classes there are small and intimate, and you’ll likely never be doing the same exercise as the person next to you as it’s all completely tailored to you and your body – and the results you want to achieve. Makes so much sense.

Fascinated by Kirsten’s knowledge and passion for what she does’ I quizzed her on why Pilates is the exercise you need in your life.

Who is Pilates perfect for?

Pilates is perfect for everyone. It is a style of exercise that does not discriminate (I think that is why I love it so much).

Why do the celebrities love it so much?

It is a great way to work out, it’s like moving meditation with major body benefits too. Pilates works the stabilising muscles and for most people, they are muscles that they haven’t worked before. Because of this, body change and results are very evident quickly.

What sets Pilates apart from any other workout?

It’s not stressful, and quite often less is more. There is no need to get sweaty and aggressive in order to change your body for the better.

Is there any level of fitness required to start out?

Nothing is required, in fact, most people start with little or no experience and often with some type of injury. 

How long until you see results?

It takes about 30 sessions. I like to say 20 sessions to feel different and 30 sessions to see the difference. 

How many sessions per week do you recommend to see results?

2 – 3 sessions, it just depends on how quickly you want them.

Can you target certain areas?

Yes, you can totally target areas. I like to think that is one of my strengths. I love the challenge of a client saying I want to change this part of my body… and then having to work out the program to make that happen.  

Do you recommend any other exercise in conjunction with Pilates or is it enough on its own?

If Pilates is performed properly I think it is enough. If a client wants a little bit more in regards to sweat, I suggest a Boxing Class or Walking Hills. 

What sets Fluidform apart from other studios 

We are pedantic about form and technique. We are hands-on and we design programs to meet the client’s requirements, and most importantly we love what we do! 

Kirsten and her team run classes at their original studio in Waterloo as well as their brand new Clovelly studio. Head to for more information. 

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