Make The Most Of Your Pilates Workout With These Grip Socks

A balance booster.
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As self-professed Pilates princesses we’re grateful to partake in a form of exercise that asks little from us when it comes to investing in gear.

Truly embracing the princess persona, we simply turn up looking cute in our matching activewear sets ready to sweat it out on the mat or reformer.

For those truly dedicated to the art of Pilates, however, there is one accessory that can help give your workout a little boost: Pilates grip socks.

Anyone who’s tried downward facing dog in regular socks will know it can be slippery business on the wrong surface. And, for those who prefer reformer Pilates, balancing on a moving surface brings another level of peril.

Grip socks may not sound like an exciting purchase, but they can play a vital role in improving your positioning, movement and balance. 

Do You Need Grippy Socks For Mat Pilates?

While many Pilates and yoga mats may feel like they provide enough grip that you could go without, it is recommended to wear grip socks for extra support in your balance and to prevent any slips (particularly if you’re working up a sweat).

Do Pilates socks work?

In short, yes! The small grip dots found on the bottom of Pilates socks help keep your feet in place while performing movements such as planks and lunges. Considering the importance the placement of your legs and feet play in certain Pilates and yoga positions, the benefit of grip socks are not to be underestimated. 

The Best Pilates Grip Socks


High Heel Jungle, $45 at THE ICONIC

The ballet flat trend takes on sock form with these cute-as-a-button pairs from High Heel Jungle that come with full-grip sole and elevated support.  


Performance Studio Sock, $9.99 at Cotton On  

Coming in a range of colours so you can complete your matching activewear set, these socks also have anti-odour properties, arch support and non-slip grips.


Post Season Ankle Sock Twin Pack, $29 at P.E Nation

If like us, you’re obsessed with P.E Nation’s cool-girl activewear you’re going to want to complete your set with their sporty ankle grip socks.


Find Your Balance Studio Tab Sock, $25 at Lululemon

With grips along the inside and outside of the foot, not just the bottom, you’ll feel confident and secure completing even the most complicated maneuver.


Move Active 3-Pack Non Slip Grip Socks, $67 at THE ICONIC

Forget bland and boring, these adorable grip socks come in a range of colours and patterns as well as built-in compression arch support and PVC grip soles.


5 Pairs Yoga Socks, $27.99 at Amazon

Crew socks have had an unexpected sartorial resurgence of late, so if you want to channel Princess Diana or Hailey Bieber for that matter, these grip socks are for you.

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