Up The Burn And Look Good Doing It With These Weights & Resistance Bands

Breaking a sweat has never been so stylish.

If you’re following one or more of Instagram’s top fitness influencers there’s a high chance you’ve seen them using Pilates weights and resistance bands.

Neither are an innovation, but thanks to the rise of the fit-fluencer, they’ve had a chic, Instagram-able update in recent years.

After all, there’s something about investing in stylish activewear sets and aesthetic equipment that makes the burden of working out a little more bearable.

We know it’s not all about looks—despite the perfect bodies shaped by aforementioned equipment flooding our feeds.

So, we’ve rounded up the weights and bands that don’t just look pretty, but also perform for your own Insta-worthy workouts.


Bala Bars, $89 at STYLERUNNER


ES Fit Power Bracelet/Ankle Weight, $69 at THE ICONIC


Bala Bangles, $75 at STYLERUNNER


ES Fit Resistance Bands 5 Pack, $60 at THE ICONIC


Running Bare 2-Pack Just Peachy Resistance Bands, $49.99 at THE ICONIC


Wild Thing Booty Band Set, $59.95 at Resistance Booty Bands


BAHE Flowbands Set, $39.99 at THE ICONIC


2Pk Elastic Resistance Bands, $24.99 at Cotton On


Resistance Bands, $39.99 at STYLERUNNER

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LEAD PHOTO: Instagram @esfit__

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