Prince Harry Says His Father Never Sent ‘Olive Branch’ Birthday Invite

It seems all is not well in the British monarchy.

It seems all is not well in the British monarchy. Estranged royal Prince Harry recently made headlines for reportedly ‘snubbing’ his father King Charles III’s ‘olive branch’ invite to his birthday. Yet just a few days later, Harry’s representative says he was never invited.

For those not across the royals’ birthdays, the celebration is for King Charles’ 75th birthday, arguably one of the bigger ones on the calendar when you’re past sixty. Undoubtedly, the kind of event you’d expect a doting son to attend, even if he did live across the pond in the United States.

Yet, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has hit back at claims that it was Prince Harry’s decision to avoid the get-together. The spokesperson confirmed that there has been ‘no contact’ regarding King Charles’ upcoming celebrations, which are due to be held at Clarence House.

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“There has been no contact regarding an invitation to His Majesty’s upcoming birthday,” the spokesperson told The Messenger.

“It is disappointing the Sunday Times has misreported this story.”

The competing reports of this story only further paint the picture of a major rift in the royal family, as detailed in Harry’s book Spare.

In the memoir, the Prince, who grew up in the public spotlight, says he had trouble connecting with his father and future King.

“He had trouble communicating, trouble listening, trouble being intimate face-to-face. On occasion, after a long multi-course dinner, I’d walk upstairs and find a letter on my pillow,” he wrote.

It seems that distance between them has only increased, when you consider the reports that he was not even asked to attend his birthday.

It’s also not the first time there have been rumours of invites sent and swiftly rejected. It was reported earlier in 2023 that Harry had been invited to Balmoral with the royal family to mourn the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

He did come back to the UK to attend the King’s coronation, but it is reported that he snubbed the Balmoral invite.

Perhaps one invite snubbed equals no more invites?

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