Prince William Just Debuted A Buzzcut

Short hair, don't care

We’re usually in a tizzy about Kate Middleton’s glorious hair transformations (whether it’s her headline-making fringe or old-school bob), but never did we think we’d cast our gaze to Prince William’s hair game. 

But think again. 

The 35-year-old prince sported a fresh and very short shave while visiting the a children’s hospital in Lambeth that had the whole world buzzing (sorry). 

Here’s the proof: 

Prince William
(Credit: Getty)

Prince William was in town for a very important reason other than to debut his new ‘do.

As the BBC reports, the prince was present at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital in support of the Step Into Health program, which helps employ veterans in the NHS.

Prince William
(Credit: Getty)

Kate Middleton—your turn next for a hair transformation (just please don’t shave your head). 

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