Don’t Look Now, But Prosecco Could Be Ruining Your Teeth

This is not good

We all learnt in primary school that Coke is one of the worst things for your teeth, but never in a million years would we have thought that another fizzy, sugar-iffic drink would have the same effect: except it does, and its name is prosecco.

We’re not crying. You are.

It gets worse: so acute are the effects of over-indulging, and so widespread, that dentists have dubbed it ‘prosecco smile.’

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Dr Meryn Druian of the London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry told the Daily Mail that dentists are seeing people – predominantly women – whose teeth enamel has been worn away by the Italian sparkling wine.

Little did we know, but not only does prosecco contain more sugar than Champagne – about a teaspoon per glass –   it also contains higher levels of highly acidic carbon dioxide (the stuff that makes it delightfully bubbly, but also ruins your teeth).

But before you drown your sorrows in a glass of tooth-friendly vodka soda, know this: Dr Druian doesn’t demand you cut out your favourite tipple entirely. “But we advise our patients to cut down and not to forget to brush their teeth a pro-enamel toothpaste when they get home,” he told the Daily Mail.

He also suggests diluting drinks with ice or drinking through a straw.

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