The New ‘Real Housewives Of Sydney’ Stars Spill On The Friends & Frenemies This Season

The cast get real about what fans can expect this year.
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When marie claire Australia sat down with the cast of The Real Housewives Of Sydney season two, one thing was abundantly clear; Terry the turtle is the standout star.

While the season is yet to air, Terry – not to be confused with Terry Biviano, one of this season’s stars – is guaranteed to steal the show. And, considering there are seven fierce and fabulous Housewives this year, that’s certainly no easy feat.

“You get to know the people, you get to know every character, what makes them tick, our families, our dogs, our turtles,” laughs Nicole O’Neil, one of the returning Housewives from season one. “The viewers will genuinely get to delve into our lives.”

And that we will, with the cast to feature their families, their friendships and their beloved pets this season, giving us full access to their luxurious lifestyles.

But while fans wait with bated breath to see how this season shapes up – how can it possibly compare to season one’s capegate? – this year’s Housewives couldn’t be more excited to tease what’s to come.

real housewives of sydney season two cast
Meet the new cast of The Real Housewives Of Sydney. (Credit: Binge)

What can fans expect from The Real Housewives Of Sydney season two?

“We don’t want to take away from season one. It was what it was, and that’s fine,” Kate Adams says, “but this is a different group of women and it’s a different narrative and different stories. It’s a different vibe, it’s not about being nasty. There’s more kindness and friendship – good and bad.”

Kate is one of the seven Housewives to star in this season, and while she may be new to the franchise, she’s certainly no stranger to the big screen. Fans will recognise her as the head vet from the globally famous practice, Bondi Vet Hospital.

Joining her this season are season one stars Nicole O’Neil and Krissy Marsh, as well as socialite Caroline Gaultier, shoe designer and WAG Terry Biviano, fashionista Victoria Montano and former TV host and entrepreneur Sally Obermeder.

While the women host impressive and inspiring professional track records, Terry warns fans not to get caught up with their titles and accolades, but rather to focus on who they are at their core.

“[The show] is about showing us as people and not as names or titles or wives or our occupation… we all want to show ourselves to be who we are and it’s very authentic and quite raw at times,” she says.

“It is raw and emotional because we’re real people. They’re real feelings, they’re real emotions and they’re real friendships. Both in the downs and in the ups,” Sally adds.

nicole krossy rhos
Look familiar? Nicole (left) and Krissy (right) return from season one. (Credit: Getty)

With just 10 episodes to air this season, however, is that enough time for fans to get to know all seven women?

“I think we’re going to need a bit more than 10 eps!” laughs Terry, with her co-star Kate chiming in to agree: “We definitely needed more than 10 eps.”

“And we could have gone for much more too. We had a lot more to say and do, but I think it’s a good taste,” Terry teases.

As Krissy points out, there’s also no hiding with reality TV – so any walls or fronts that the women may put forward will ultimately come crumbling down before they know it.

“You can pretend to be something in the beginning, or you can pretend to be something in the end, and you can say it’s editing, you can say it’s this, but ultimately people will get to know the real you,” Krissy says.

“The producers were less after the drama and more after the reality of who we are and the friendships, the fashion, the laughter, the relationships, the awkwardness,” Nicole adds.

Certainly, there’s much to live up to for the new Housewives this year, with the first season of RHOS hosting more drama than one can possibly handle.

WATCH BELOW: The trailer for Real Housewives of Sydney season one

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How does season two compare to season one?

Fans will remember moments like jackets being thrown from harbours and extensive swearing and fighting taking centre stage – which ultimately led to the season being cancelled for being too “nasty” and “extreme”.

In season one, we had Lisa Oldfield, Matty Samaei, Victoria Rees, Melissa Tkautz, Athena X Levendi, and of course, returning Housewives Nicole and Krissy.

Reflecting on the new season, Krissy says any expectations they had not to be anything like the first were pretty much thrown out the window once they started filming.

“The intensity of a lot of the situations that you’re in becomes intensified because you’ve been all together for four months filming,” she says. “So, I think that has been unexpected for people that have come into this saying, ‘We don’t want to be like season one’, and then all of a sudden, they’re screaming and yelling.”

“Unfortunately, this is what happens. This is reality. They kept sort of thinking, ‘oh, this is going to be cruisy’,” she adds of her co-stars.

“Some of the girls went in there adamant that they didn’t like the fighting and the screaming and it’s funny how things turn out in the end,” Nicole chimes in.

real housewives of sydney season one cast
The first season of RHOS was cancelled for being too nasty. (Credit: Getty)

Although, while fans can expect conflict between the Housewives during the season, it won’t exactly be on the same level as season one. At least, according to Caroline.

“Yes, there is conflict, but it’s intelligent,” she says, “it’s elegant conflict. There’s no throwing of limbs and bottles… it reflects the current global climate where people are a little bit more aware.”

So, it seems season two is hoping to balance out the inevitable drama with a real sense of sisterhood, and perhaps a surprise cameo or two from Terry the turtle.

Where to watch The Real Housewives Of Sydney

Fans can tune in on the action when The Real Housewives Of Sydney season two airs on Binge from October 10 this year, with new episodes released weekly on Tuesdays.

Stream The Real Housewives Of Sydney on Binge with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.


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