How much do reality TV stars really get paid?

It’s not all a bed of roses

With the upcoming series of The Real Housewives of Sydney set to hit our screens in 2017, it’s been reported the cast are expected to get a pay packet of at least $70,000 each for their appearance on the glamorous show.

However it’s no bed of roses for the female contestants of The Bachelor who are reportedly paid $90 a day for their stint on the hit reality show, according to the Daily Telegraph.

In comparison to the established, wealthy Real Housewives who get paid to have their daily life documented, the Bachelorettes have to leave their life and jobs behind which unfortunately comes at a cost.

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Of course, it’s the risk they take in their bid to find love but for both the Bachelorettes and the Housewives there are lucrative deals to be made which can supplement their main income.

The Real Housewives of Sydney is currently in production and includes Lisa Oldfield, Athena Levendi, Krissy Marsh, Melissa Tkautz, Matty Samaei, Nicole O’Neil and Victoria Rees.

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