Roxy Jacenko’s Book Has To Get Reprinted Because Of One Unfortunate Typo

It's both unfortunate and a little funny

Sydney PR queen Roxy Jacenko has had to reprint the entire first run of her new book due to a pretty major oversight from proof-readers.

Roxy’s Little Black Book of Tips and Tricks is the PR guru’s fourth book and is a self-entitled ‘no-bullsh*t’ guide to PR, business, social media and brand building.

The back of the book features a (not so glowing) endorsement from Jacenko’s close friend and radio personality, Jackie O, which read:

“Roxy never fails to disappoint and this book is an easy, interesting read that people in a lot of professions (not just PR) could learn something from.”

Either Jackie O was giving one hell of a back-handed compliment, or she had meant to write “Roxy never fails to deliver”, both words start with the letter ‘D’ so we see how she got confused.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph the businesswoman said six proof-readers missed Jackie O’s rather unfortunate error:

“Without question it’s a nightmare and not something anyone wants to happen, but Jackie’s a friend and it certainly should have said, ‘Roxy never fails to deliver’.” I mean, you would hope so, right?”

Publishers Allen & Unwin have taken responsibility for the error and are reprinting the book, which will be out November 28.

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