Sarah Jessica Parker Responds To Those ‘Sex and the City 3’ Rumours

Stop messing with our emotions!

They’re the rumours that have been toying with our emotions for years; will there or wont there be another Sex and the City movie?

Well Sarah Jessica Parker did nothing to dispel them when she spoke to marie claire US at New York Fashion Week – but she didn’t exactly give us any short term hope either.

“It’s in a warming drawer. It’s never been a ‘no’…it’s always been an ‘if’ and ‘when,’ she said.

“And that remains the question being asked by two very thoughtful people who are taking into very serious consideration those people who devoted a lot of time. We’re not cavalier about the way we arrive at that decision.”

So basically it’s not a no, but there’s still a lot to work out.

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Speaking of the project back in January, Kim Cattrall also echoed the same reservations.

“The hardest thing is, what would the story be? It’s been seven, eight years since we wrapped the last movie. Can we get everybody together? We’re all sort of scattered now,” Cattrall told People.

“Are we still relevant? That would be the reason to come back,” she said. “I really miss making people laugh, I so enjoy that.”

“Whether you liked it or not, the reality is, authentically — there were not alternative facts here! — there was backlash,” she added to Entertainment Tonight. “The reality of what [a third movie] would be — there’s nothing concrete. There’s no script, there’s no idea. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, but what would it be? I’m not saying [a third Sex and the City] doesn’t exist or we can’t do it, I’m saying, what is it?”

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